Friday, May 9, 2014

And I Am Returned.

Dear, dear readers! I have been absent. I could blame my busy life; because that would be completely true. However, I find that I have time to watch videos on YouTube, have private dance parties in my bedroom, and just waste time in general, so that excuse is not really valid. In all honesty, I have been lazy. So, a quick catch-up is in order.

I have been studying Latin and 3D Design (sculpture) this past semester, and am coming up on my Latin final, next Tuesday. Work has been busy, as we have more animals every year. And I have been logging a great deal of volunteer hours at the wildlife center. All great, hard work!

Though, for a short time, until I spoke with Anam Cara, and had a thoughtful flip through a few of my most precious tomes, I had a mini existential crisis. If a Roman emperor invented Roman equivalents to the Greek gods and goddesses, what, then am I doing? Alas! My time to question my faith once again had come. Yet, unlike my childhood repulsion to Christianity, this confusion didn't last long. I returned once more to the Path, and am happy to report I can find my way back when I am lost in the woods.

And so, I've spelled again, tonight. And I danced and contentedly sat before Bast and worked my power, and I know and accept my strength in whatever energy I work.

And I am returned.

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