Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think you should know...

I'm selling off a bunch of my stuff that I don't want/have no more use for/have no room for/other on my eBay site. Today, I sold a complete "Rolemaster" set (by I.C.E.), a ball cap from The Monkees World Tour in '96 and a set of pewter figurines displaying "Armors Through the Ages." All of the stuff I am selling is quite random. So, if you think I have something you might want, or even if your curiosity gets the better of you sometimes, let me know, and I'll post a link to my page in a blog post for all to see! I'd really like to get rid of some things before Spring to make cleaning and renovation easier. For this reason, unless an item is fairly valuable, I start all of my auctions at ninety-nine cents, use PayPal as payment and ship only to the contiguous United States vis USPS Priority Mail.
Now, if this seems like a shameless, self-promotion, let me tell you: it is! *~_^* I'd like this stuff to go to good homes, and I know all of you are in that category. So, just let me know if you are interested. Even if you are one person, and you just want to see the sorts of things I'm looking to sell.
Alright, enough whoring; time to get to my Sunday chores.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You *have* to do this!

If you are reading this at the night that I'm posting it, you have got to do this. It's not even really for me. This is something I think you would appreciate.
Go outside. It's cold, I know! So put on some warm clothes and do it. Once you're out there, look up. Gaze deep into that night sky. While you soak in the cool light of the Lady Moon, appreciate the tiny faerie lights called stars. Realize how small you are in the Universe and just how much power it holds to do both good and ill. Now think of a chorus. Not much with one vocalist, right? Bring more people into that chorus and hear that single voice turn into a vocal symphony!
You are only one person, enjoying and loving the Earth. But together, we are a force of positive energy with which to be reckoned. Those little, distant lights are enormous once you are at close range. So, while you're appreciating the beauty of all that is and, even though you know how small you are in comparison, good back inside. Look at your loved ones. Know that you are a big part of their world. Know the difference you make to them.
Though we sometimes need to be reminded how small we are, we must never forget just how important we are and the power we all wield, for good or ill.

Play Dead

On my way across the yard to auntie's house the other night, I saw something freeze on my doorstep. As I peered through the window of my door, I saw that it was an opossum. This was the first time I'd ever seen one so near (and not road kill). So, being the insane animal lover that I am, I didn't think before I opened the door. I didn't think about being bitten. I didn't think about being scratched. I didn't think about the possibility of rabies. It may have been reckless and foolish and, well, just plain stupid, but I didn't think of being attacked by a wild animal that has often been equated with rabies and other unsavory diseases. My adoration and heart full of love for nature and all that dwells within it took over that part of my mind.
And I opened the door.
And what do you suppose happened?
For an instant, a split second, the little darling, spooked and wondering gazed at me with it's shiny, black-pearl eyes. A blink later, it had turned tail and scurried to find the nearest hiding spot. It didn't play dead, as most opossums do. In fact, this is the defense mechanism for which they are best known! No; the sweet thing attempted to wedge itself between the edge of my "deck" and the fence along the side of my yard. Being too small a space, it's rear end was left exposed and its tail, as close to the fence wall as it could get, made a graceful curve up and over its back; the hook of a pink, shepherd's staff.
Staying my doorway, now realizing that a scratch or a bite would not be positive, I offered soothing sounds in the form of, "Oh, it's okay, little one. I won't hurt you. You don't have to run. I'm not after you. I'll let you decide where to go, but I won't follow you, okay? It's alright. Oh, you're so sweet!" It's pointed face slowly popped out of hiding to look at me once more. "It's okay." With this, in a flash it had turned round and began a quick walk around the perimeter of my yard; staying against the fence and repeatedly glancing back to me in my doorway. I can only assume that it was making sure that I was not following, as promised.
It hurried past the opening between mine and auntie's yards, along another short stretch of fencing, past another opening into a side yard, then into the shadows beside Witch Cottage. There, I could tell from the cease of scrambling through the dried, dead leaves of forgotten Fall, it had stopped. From the shadows, it watched and waited. Would I follow, now? Would I hunt it with a broom and shoo it away, just as I am certain others have done to the dear in the past?
No; I would do none of that. I murmured words of parting, stepped outside my door, shut it behind me and went along my way.

What is Opossum teaching me? Ted Andrews writes in his book Animal Speak, Opossum teaches us how to use appearances. Sometimes it is necessary to "play dead." Sometimes it is necassray to put up a particular front to succeed most easily and effectively. ... It can also show you when others are putting up false fronts and deceptions. ... Sometimes it is necessary to behave or act in a strategic manner. We may need to appear fearful or fearless in spite of how we truly feel. We may need to show submission or aggression. We may need to be apathetic or extremely caring."

Now, to what part of my life is opossum referring? I have been racking my brain trying to figure this out. Perhaps I should do a meditation? Of course, typing this all out right now, the one item that has been in the forefront of my mind for the past however many months is my personal life and the possibility of sharing it with someone. The fellow that I having totally been crushing on is what I think about approximately 50% of the time. I have been pulling back a lot, as of late. I came extremely close to finally asking him out the other day. But, alas! distractions abound and it was again, bad timing. I learn more every time, though. I'm gaining knowledge as I hold back. However, could Opossum be telling me to walk away now while I've got the chance? It's okay to look back to make sure that I'm not being followed, but only for that reason. Or it is telling me to get over that fear, even if it's choking me, and just do it? My emotions tell me the former. My heart tells me that it's the latter. Play dead or flight? Notice, though, that neither is "fight?" This is a delicate matter. I think that I have been playing the "flight" card for some time, now. Perhaps it is finally time to stick around, chat with him and casually slip it in there, instead of the rabid thrashing about that's taking place in my mind over this.
So, "play dead," huh? It'll certainly help me know if he is really interested, or if he's just giving really lovely customer service. *^_^*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I did today.

Well, while wasting time online this morning, I also posted four items to my eBay site. I have far too many things that I don't need or want and it's just time to get rid of 'em. And if it makes me some spending cash for the coming convention, all the better!
Then, I went on to my sister's apartment to pick up her sewing machine so that I might work on making skirts and start my cosplay outfits. We'll be meeting up again on Friday when I get out of work to collaborate and brainstorm our suits.
When I returned home, I made a floor-length, a-line skirt. I have two more to make from some lovely clearance fabric I bought. So, knowing better how to make this sort of skirt, I will have long, warm skirts to wear after work, now; instead of jeans. Yea! *^_^* I will post a picture of the skirt I made once I shorten the length a chitchen.
Then, dinner.
Then, research on the specifics of one of my cosplays so I can start cutting fabric tomorrow.
Then, registered on the Anime Boston forums and did some reading.
Well, darling, die-hard reader, I'm going to bed.
Goodnight! *^_^*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, there goes Massachusetts. *U_U*
Excuse me while I go to my room and sob about the loss of freedom in this state and, ultimately, in this country.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's creeping closer.

And it has nothing to do with being a witch!
Anime Boston, the Otaku convention I've been obsessed with since I first attended in 2008 will be on Easter weekend again this year! Why does that matter to me? Because the convention center doesn't allow any food vendors in to sell their wares. This results in a marvelous abundance of generous con-goers giving Japanese candy/food to other con-goers for great cosplays or hugs! There are usually quite a few people doing it anyway, but Easter, being a candy-centric holiday makes for an especially lovely selection.
Yea! Free Pocky and Koala's No March!
So I'll be meeting up with the sister closest in age to me tomorrow to go through her hoard of material so we can begin planning out and constructing our costumes. I'm so thrilled that she's going this year.
And in cosplay! *^_^*
For those of you who are interested in anime, I will tell you that my costumes this year will be different from the two years prior. Both years I made good use of my Gothic Lolita dress, Nausicaa (Miyazaki/Ghibli's "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind") and Kiki (Miyazaki/Ghibli's "Kiki's Delivery Service") cosplays. (All handmade; no store-bought!) This year, however, I will be Sumomo (the cutie in the header pic), Toa (from Dragonaut: The Resonance...if I can pull it off. Who wears short shorts? Toa wears short shorts.) and Miyuki (from Lucky Star.) How perfect that they all have long, pink hair?! Worse comes to worst and it doesn't look like one of the costume will work, I may go with either Haru (in her school uniform...from the Miyazaki/Ghibli Studios piece "The Cat Returns") or Haruhi (in an Ouran Academy girls' uniform...from "Ouran High School Host Club.") No wig needed for either of them as they both have short brown hair. Although, spending all day, most days in the sun has naturally lightened my hair a bit.
So, we'll see. But I was just too thrilled to not write about the con and sis's involvement! *^_^*

Friday, January 15, 2010

Greeting a Brand New Day, Everyday!

Though suffering fatigue as a side effect from my hypothyroidism as of late, waking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed becomes more and more difficult. I go to bed at 9:00 most nights, 9:30 at the latest, and am up and walking within a minute of my alarm sounding at 6:45 the next morning. Maybe having three days off a week is taking its toll? Maybe my diet is suffering from the Winter blues? Maybe my medication just needs to be pumped up a little? Whatever the reason (could be any combination or all three), I seem to be walking in a daze these past two weeks. Farm work gives me much silence and solitude (for the most part). Mindless repetition gives way to meditation and deep thought as I complete each task. I have had deeper thoughts and more thought out inner monologues in the past year than I have had all my life!
This morning, as I ambled up the driveway to the second barn, I breathed deeply of the subtle spices wafting on the air. The warmer than usual temperature allowed me many deep breaths without my nostrils burning and my lungs collapsing. What was it? The tingle of the cool Winter mist settling, then being absorbed into my skin as I marched only enhanced the sweet familiarity of the scents I cataloged. The perfect description organized in my mind and I hoped that I could remember it long enough to write it down. Sadly, life takes hold and the importance of chores outweigh that of prose. However, I want all of you who are having a hard Winter to remember this: We are nearly one month into Winter. A little more than two months to go until the beginnings of thaw.
The soft breezes were reminiscent of very early Spring; as the earth thaws, life returns or emerges and the Sun smiles down upon us all while the Moon, though still cool in her night sky lights our way evermore. Deep, earthy tones, mixed with the smell of the trees coming to from their restful Winter slumber; shaking off their remaining brown leaves to make room for the green growth that is to come. Everything smelled as if they were coming back. Far too soon, they know, too, but a blessing still to have had that graceful faerie light upon my nose and give me that beautiful gift in waking up to greet a brand new day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before bed...

Just a short note to let all of you know how much I appreciate your interest in my stumblings down this path I follow blindly, but with all the faith that can fit withing my being. I do notice when new faces appear, and I thank each and every one of yo lovelies! *^_^*
Also, for those of you following the soap opera side story that is my life, I finally spoke to the fella again, yesterday. Let's see if I can get the courage to slip him a little note the next time I see him. It may be the only way to get my words out at this point. I just get so nervous and the butterflies get so violent that they distract me! But, for you, my readers, I will try my best.
...And, well, a little for me, too.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodness Gracious!

Deepest apologies, lovelies! Apparently, December 26th came and went. As it passed, it glared at me and clicked at me as a disappointed parent walks by a lazy child in their filthy room. I was that lazy child. Whoops! At any rate, I am back with "Happy New Year" greetings, even though our new year began with Samhain. So! Let's work backward, then.

I am enjoying my three-day weekends while they last. Once Spring hits, it's back to full time. However, for my gas bill, a bit of warmer weather wouldn't go unappreciated. Today, I went to the local hardware store and bought: four bottles of lamp oil (I use my oil lamps instead of electric light for that "period" feel and to keep the electric bill down), weather stripping for my door (whoever hung that thing needs to go back to construction school), plastic sheeting for my windows (though I've only covered the one in my room for now; kitchen window's next weekend), and a spring-resistance curtain rod (to put up my heavy curtains between the living room and the "hallway.") This was all less than fifty dollars. While I was out, I saw my "check engine" light turn off, so I made a beeline to the local mechanic shop to have my (two month overdue) inspection sticker changed. Now, I'm home uploading the last few videos from my trip to Anime Boston last year to my YouTube page.

Work has been hard. It's a farm, so, not surprise there. The cold isn't actually so bad once I'm moving. The circulation gets going in my fingers and toes once I've been working for about a half an hour. It's just the annoyance of trudging through snow/slush. Granted, this only last for a few months out here, as opposed to the half-year-long winters in Michigan. At least there's always a warmer clime. Loving Fall the way I do, though, I'll accept the winters and forgo to yearlong summers of the south. But, I digress.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping for the first half of this month. I'm attempting to spend only twenty dollars every two weeks on food. So far, so good. I've got a mushroom and barley soup recipe that I'm planning on making for the week that I have in one of my many cookbooks. If it turns out alright, I'll post it. It's supposed to be a good, thick soup, too, so it'll fill me with a single serving and last me a while.

New Year's Eve is usually a quiet evening for me. This past changeover was no exception as I had to be up the next day to work at eight. I returned home for work around five o'clock, made dinner and watched Brazil on YouTube. Then, I went to bed around nine-thirty. Woo-hoo! *U_U*

Now, back and back and back to Christmas Day. Uncle's sister came over and we went sledding across the street! Though, by then the big snow that had fallen a week prior ("Blizzard 09" is what the Weather Channel called it) was wetter than is preferred for sledding, but a few pushes and we were off! Nature was welcoming and happy to have us that day. The sun shone and the breezes were minimal. As for the morning ritual, we (I slept over in Uncle's office which is off of his and Auntie's bedroom) all slept in a bit, as we'd gotten home from the Family Christmas Eve party around midnight. Bedtime was closer to one because we have the excitement of filling each other;s stockings and placing gifts below the tree without looking on Christmas eve. So, when we wake up, it seems as if Santa had come and all of the childish joy and innocence we once took for granted was returned to our minds and hearts!

Speaking of gifts, what a haul! I received some candle making supplies to get me off to a grand start of making my own candles and using them in lieu of electric light. They consisted of a cube mold, antique 4-taper mold, block of beeswax, block of cinnamon scented wax with wicks and a bottle of sugar cookie scent for the unscented wax. It smells closer to butterscotch and I couldn't stop opening the bottle and sniffing it! Auntie found me a wooden drop spindle kit with instructions and a few handfuls of alpaca wool. Two years ago, she had given me a book on spinning that has still more instructions on spinning (from start to finish!) I also received Edain McCoy's A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk (a book that I've been coveting since high school), The Coming of the Fairies by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (yes, fae enthusiats, that book!) and Craft of the Wild Witch by Poppy Palin. This last book, I had never heard of, but, immediately I fell in love with the concept and words. We all express words of confusion and have felt the path wander away without us from time to time. Around the beginning of November, I felt lost, too. I knew that I was on the right path for me, but calling myself Pagan was like staring at an open-ended question on and exam. Long story short, the path of the Wild Witch is exactly the path that I am meant to pick up! Lost no more! It is incredible to finally feel that I've found that specific, yet open pagan calling. I've always felt akin, though frightened as a child of the witches of fairy tales. Misunderstood, they are the nature-oriented healers of the Earth and wise folk of past, present and future. They are the archetype of The Witch I Want To Be. They dwell in the cottages after which I hope to fashion Witch Cottage. They tend the gardens and call the spirits with which I hope to work. The thrill I hold within my very bones at being given my true path as easily as a Christmas gift is impossible to put into words. Everytime I think of the book, I uncontrolably imagine myself hugging it as I would my path if it were tangible. My witch heart is full of love and deepest gratitude to Auntie, my Godmother, my sister, my friend for knowing that this would be of interest to me. How grand that she knew not how important it is to me, yet took that chance because of all of the little bits of it I love that she happened to see in flipping through it before purchasing. I adore my library and I cherish my newest additions as I will glean decades of information and magick for them! Ooh! And long johns and woolen socks for work!!! I've been so cozy this last week! *^_^*

The family Christmas eve party, themed every year by the host, was put on my my oldest sister. She and my brother-in-law chose the theme Japanese. So the food was: Saketinis, roll-your-own sushi, veggie tempura, veggie "nests" and homemade Miso soup. Now, I've never been a fan of Miso. It always tasted like feet to me. Perhaps it is the results of eating dehydrated, pre-packaged, powdered soup? I dunno. But Jen's Miso, well that's a horse of a different color! Amazingly delicious! When I say homemade, I mean made from scratch; the girl even made homemade seaweed stock for the base! That's dedication to the theme. We have a set spending limit of twenty dollars every year for the gifts. It's been a Yankee swap every year since we began this tradition. To keep it easier on anyone that wasn't obsessed with Japanese culture (like my other sister's boyfriend, my other sister [to an extent] and myself), she kept the theme "Asian." I picked out a cute little figurine and some origami. Having too few gifts for us all to have a third go-round, I was lucky enough to be the "last to pick." This is lucky, because I had the option to stick with the two I had, or steal a third from someone else. I would have been fine with what I had, except that Auntie was the last gift and she picked a Sgt. Frog ring! I wanted it, and she would never wear it, so it is mine and I love him! The evening was full of great fun and frivolity and a marvelous time was had by all!

And now, dear friends, you are all caught up. *^_^*

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