Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost There

The little "trinket" I'm working on is very nearly finished! I'm quite excited and surprised at how the hardest part to make came out. What I can't wait for is the response it gets from you fine folks. There will be a blog post of production pictures. However, I won't be posting any pictures until the piece has found its home with the recipient. That should be within the next week. So, hold tight! *^_^*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In order to get things done, one often needs some form of inspiration. Saints across boundaries of religions had inspiration from their Gods or Goddesses. Artists, performers and musicians have had their Muses; various sorts of demi-Gods/Goddesses, sometimes even human. Nature, in her many forms has lit a fire beneath many a novice and experienced environmentalist alike.
Whatever, or whomever my inspiration may be, my artistic side has been summoned to create once again. This time, in clay. It has been many a year since I last felt the pliable stuff between my fingers. I am interested to see what emerges from my imagination. A plethora of creatures await my pencil's fall to paper, but what lurks waiting to be borne of sculpey? We shall see. Tonight, I begin.
As soon as I can find my box of clay.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Passing

I just read an article on the death of Nancy Dolman; the late wife of Martin Short. This will not be made into a post about my deep appreciation for the light Mr. Short has brought to the world of comedy and entertainment for the past 30+ years. Although I have always been an adoring fan of his, I must remark on Nancy Dolman's career. Though it was shortened (no pun intended) in 1985, when she retired to raise her and Mr. Short's three children, it was full of happiness, no doubt. I cannot profess to ever have known either member of the great, comedic acting community, but I feel the urge to express my condolences to the family for their loss. She was 58.
I ask that the Goddess protect Nancy's soul and help her find her way to the Summerlands.
Blessed Be.

Oh! How the Exquisite Scent of Late Summer Fills My Senses!

Well, my friends, it is very nearly Fall in this part of the world. And, you know? That excites me! Not in a dirty way.
Sickos. :P
Yesterday was so lovely with the wind, rain and cool air. I was chilly enough to feel comfy in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. If I wasn't so lazy, I might have even put socks on! The best part, though is that the cool air decided to stick around through the night. Going to bed, I realized that I didn't want to be woken up because I was cold. So i fell asleep in yoga pants and a heavy, cotton t. My Vellux blanket has been light enough for most of the hot summer nights and warm enough for the cooler evenings. (That was not an ad. I just really love that blanket and remember my paternal grandparents bringing theirs out whenever we came to stay over. So, I bought one.) However, I did end up having to get to slip into, not only a sweatshirt over my t, but my toes asked for a pairs of socks! I love it when the air is cool enough to get all snuggly into my pjs! Pretty soon, I'll be getting into my flannels!
Ah! It's the little things. *~_^*
So, needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, the Fall Equinox is less than a month away!!! Woot! Preparations must be made. Besides that, I've had all Summer to patch the little hole in my wall where the gas line for my heater runs out. Have I done it? Nope. Who's a grasshopper? Me. *U_U*
I'll get to it!
I will.
At least, before Winter comes along, I will...
So! What are your plans for the Sabbat?
In other news, I've been bitten by the video bug, again. Soon, hopefully, I will have some new singing and silly videos up for your enjoyment over on my YouTube channel. I've been finding some great duets to which I am very excited to add my vocals. Thank Goddess for the fellas who post the male parts of songs!
Alright, everyone, have a marvelous day!!! *^_^*

Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Dreams Part 2

Here is the dream I wrote in my journal.
Dreamed of looking in and out of an antique shop inside an old train station. I would drive there, then walk to work from there. One day, the train was going through on my way home from work. The conductor called out to me in a friendly way. Before it stopped (it was stopping just for me), the conductor came over the loudspeaker and announced, "One of our wedding customers asked us to tell you, (I got the impression they paid for the "advertisement") to go to your happiest memory and rent a room." I thought that was cute and it made me smile. On some level, I knew this was a dream, because I remember hoping that I'd remember that line. Anyway, I turned around to wave at any wedding parties inside the train, but it was mostly empty and looked a bit worn down. One car, though, had people in it, mostly women. I couldn't see into the windows for all of the grime and they were curtained over with web-like material. But I waved and they returned the courtesy. That's when the train came to a full stop to let me on. I climbed aboard. The women were all in Gibson Girl era Victorian clothing. All work clothes. They seemed to be on their ways home from work, too. I began chatting, then one girl behind me (about my age) went into her shopping bag and pulled out a modern bra, a la Victoria's secret. I looked it over and told her the design would be very popular in the future, pointing out little details here and there. She showed me more, and I told her the same for those. The older woman in my booth (chaperoning the young women I had been speaking with) looked disgusted at the candid talk and showing of undergarments. As I was telling the girl with the bras about the popularity of the push-up, the train was coming to a stop. I recognized it as the antique shop (my stop), and got off while still chatting. We all left the train. I had wondered if they were ghosts, but I didn't care. They asked me if I'd come back again and I told them I'd try. Then, I found a great antique chair for three dollars! It was marked down from $35, which used to be $75! If only finds like that actually existed!!! It was right in the open doorway that lead into the back room. The old woman of the shop was laying on a twin bed inside, just to the left. I side glanced in and saw her talking on the phone, knees bent and one leg crossed over the other so her underwear was showing past her very short dress! Ugh! I looked away and felt her glare at me. Then, she ignored whomever was on the phone to tell me about the chair, but said instead, "You know, you are very beautiful. You do know that, don't you?" (Sometimes life leaks into my dreams. My brain holds onto the little things.)

Well? Any takers? What do you guys and gals think? Does it mean anything? Will I visit those girls on the train, again? It was a lot of fun, though! *^_^*

Alright, back to the final push through of cleaning, then I need to go the store. Fun, fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Dreams

My right shift key is lazy. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I wonder if if it's worth retraining myself to use the left one? Maybe not. seems like it's doing a little better this morning. Anyway, I had an interesting dream last night...erm...this morning...I guess it was really this morning. all about antiquing, a ghost commuter train full of gibson girl era Victorian women showing me modern bras and a crotchety old woman on a telephone who hangs up mid conversation to tell me that i'm beautiful.
I'll be thinking about this one. anyway, when i have more time to post about it, i'll write up what I wrote in my dream journal upon waking. then, if any of you are so inclined, i'll take guesses and stabs in the dark as to what it may have meant. Only if you want to, of course. *~_^* alright, kiddies; momma's got to go to work! type atcha' lates, boiz!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of the Tarot

It has been some time since last I wrote of witchy goings on.
Hark! Here is some redemption for your Faerie witch! I have taken up the cards again. It has been a long while since I have read myself. Not that it would happen often if I did keep up the practice. Reading myself is difficult. I'm biased. Well, those of you that read know what I'm taking about. We long for that specific answer. If the cards deviate from that possibility, we twist and turn meanings until they fit into our little fantasies. So, for those of you that don't read, you can see why it doesn't happen very much. *~_^*
I had the itch to read yesterday morning.

That's when I broke out my Medieval Scapini deck. (The pictures I've found online just don't do it any justice.) This was the first time I'd actually used the deck for a reading. It took some getting used to.
I usually use my trusty Rider-Waite. This deck has been with me since the beginning! My dad (who took a really long time getting used to the idea of having a heathen daughter) is the one who bought the deck for me. I'd been gazing longingly at the beautiful art displayed in my favorite occult shop (at the age of 13) when he decided to get them for me. I had no clue what they meant or even, really, what they were. I was just drawn to them. To me, they were just really neat to look at. I didn't understand what the little book meant, but I figured it out in a fumbly sort of way...eventually. Luckily, on our way out of the shop, he'd noticed a flyer for a tarot reading class to take place at the shop. After replying in an enthusiastic affirmative when asked if I'd liked to take the class, he signed me up! I was shocked, but so very pleased. *^_^* The Rider-Waite deck has been my guide through the sometimes muddy fog of my extra sensory perceptions and intuition. However, like people, sometimes decks need breaks to relax. Having more than one deck helps others recharge; especially heavily-used favorites! So, while I adore my first deck, the Scapini was a pleasure to use. Albeit rocky to get used to, at first, but change can be a good thing. Doesn't hurt that I didn't have to twist meanings to get what I wanted when I read.
Then, of course, I have a third deck. Tarot of the Witches. This was bought for me early on by an aunt who, really, only knew two things about me.
1.) I was a witch.
2.) I was becoming quite adept at reading tarot.

However, little did she know that I would think that this deck is effing ugly. I appreciated the gift for what it was; a very thoughtful, open-minded gift from a loving aunt who was raised very strictly Catholic. I don't blame her for not knowing that not all decks are alike. When I read with Tarot of the Witches (maybe once every other year or so), my readings feel false. The deck screws with me, and I don't like that.
I mean, just look at that smug bitch on the cover! *~_^*

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Without Going Into Any Detail

I just want to repeat what I've said here before: Life is so good!
So...the fella I kinda like. The one I mentioned in my last post. Er, maybe it was the one before that? Anyway, I met on Thursday and we hung out and talked for hours! We got to know each other a little better, and I think he's pretty neat. And, truly, that's all I'm going to say about that. I don't want to open my big mouth anymore. So, yeah.
Today was the sixth work day in a row for this week. I'm done with that. It was also one of our art fairs at the farm. I wouldn't mind them so much if more artists would reserve space. It's damn cheap, as far as I understand. The weather was great, so plenty of people were wandering the farm. *shrugs* Oh, well. One more in October, then the last one of the year is in November. I digress. I'm tired after such a long week. The end was tremendous! But it took a long time to get here.
Tomorrow, a buddy of mine and I are taking a trip out to an off Cape farmer's market. It should be fun. The variety of offerings is incredible! Before that, though, we're going to a public art show in a gallery of the neighboring town. I'm really looking forward to it!
Oh! So sleeeepy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kids, Salukis, Small Town Appreciation and such

Life's been pretty hectic in the past couple of weeks. But that's okay; keeps me on my toes.
Last week, I brought home an orphaned kid. Now, you all know how much I dislike children, so don't assume that it was a human child. No, I brought home a baby goat named Gracie, while my bosses went on business trips. At the time, she was the farm's newest addition. (We have since welcomed a new cria (baby alpaca) into the world!) Sadly, Gracie's mother, Tula had complications that weren't salvageable, and she had to be put down. Gracie had her mother for two whole days, so she received all of the nutritious Colostrum from Tula's milk. It was a really hard day to work, but I can't blog about Gracie and let Tula's memory disappear into the abyss. She was a skittish sort of goat, but still a darling girl. She is missed. Gracie was a little ball of ash brown fluff, but she's since grown rapidly! Who know what two weeks would do?!
I was considering purchasing a Saluki pup. Now, I know what you're all thinking. And I agree. There are hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of animals out there waiting to be adopted. That would be my first option. However, the breed of dog I want is not one you can find at just any old shelter. They were also bred to be hunters. Having one that did not grow up with the Teacup Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound that Auntie has would be a very bed idea. They could be very badly hurt even if the Saluki were only playing. This is the importance of buying one from a reputable breeder and raising it with the other two. Besides, I have been thinking about showing one. So, of course, it would need to be intact. However, Gracie put me through the motions of training a puppy. After that one week, I'm not sure I'm ready. I'll reconsider after my trip to Ireland next Fall. Maybe I will have settled down a bit by then.
The dosage on my meds has finally been increased! Hallelujah! It hasn't really kicked in, yet. But I have been laboring under this heat and humidity trying desperately to breathe. I hope it starts working soon. I've also gone to the respiratory specialist to see if there are any obstructions in my lungs. Also, I'm set up to have an eco-cardiogram and stress test. Which reminds me, I still need to call a local place and see if they have an x-ray machine so I can get my chest done. Ah, the wonders of being an air hungry hypothyroid in Summertime. *rolls eyes* I can't wait for Fall.
All in all, though, this Summer has been the best (that I can recall!) We've biked down through the woods, along the Canal to the beach. We've had our swim or sit in the sand, then rode up along the streets of downtown Sandwich and back home. So much to appreciate and admire about our darling, little town! The air has smelled so good with the last few rainstorms. And, at last! we've had numerous thunderstorms! It has all been a blessing. Lammas came and went without a hitch. That was the tail end of my week with Gracie, so my plans to do ritual and cooking fun didn't happen. But what better way to appreciate the turning of the Wheel than with a baby animal?! I was satisfied. I'm still going to carve my personal watermelon for my stoop, though. *~_^*
The OkCupid scene has thrown a nice fellow or two my way since that Mr Jekyll turned Mr. Hyde at me. I don't want to go into details, as I am afraid to speak too soon. Let me just say that there is one guy in particular that makes me randomly smile throughout the day. *^_^*
And, finally, I have read Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, each for the first time. I can't wait to read more Austen!

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