Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of the Tarot

It has been some time since last I wrote of witchy goings on.
Hark! Here is some redemption for your Faerie witch! I have taken up the cards again. It has been a long while since I have read myself. Not that it would happen often if I did keep up the practice. Reading myself is difficult. I'm biased. Well, those of you that read know what I'm taking about. We long for that specific answer. If the cards deviate from that possibility, we twist and turn meanings until they fit into our little fantasies. So, for those of you that don't read, you can see why it doesn't happen very much. *~_^*
I had the itch to read yesterday morning.

That's when I broke out my Medieval Scapini deck. (The pictures I've found online just don't do it any justice.) This was the first time I'd actually used the deck for a reading. It took some getting used to.
I usually use my trusty Rider-Waite. This deck has been with me since the beginning! My dad (who took a really long time getting used to the idea of having a heathen daughter) is the one who bought the deck for me. I'd been gazing longingly at the beautiful art displayed in my favorite occult shop (at the age of 13) when he decided to get them for me. I had no clue what they meant or even, really, what they were. I was just drawn to them. To me, they were just really neat to look at. I didn't understand what the little book meant, but I figured it out in a fumbly sort of way...eventually. Luckily, on our way out of the shop, he'd noticed a flyer for a tarot reading class to take place at the shop. After replying in an enthusiastic affirmative when asked if I'd liked to take the class, he signed me up! I was shocked, but so very pleased. *^_^* The Rider-Waite deck has been my guide through the sometimes muddy fog of my extra sensory perceptions and intuition. However, like people, sometimes decks need breaks to relax. Having more than one deck helps others recharge; especially heavily-used favorites! So, while I adore my first deck, the Scapini was a pleasure to use. Albeit rocky to get used to, at first, but change can be a good thing. Doesn't hurt that I didn't have to twist meanings to get what I wanted when I read.
Then, of course, I have a third deck. Tarot of the Witches. This was bought for me early on by an aunt who, really, only knew two things about me.
1.) I was a witch.
2.) I was becoming quite adept at reading tarot.

However, little did she know that I would think that this deck is effing ugly. I appreciated the gift for what it was; a very thoughtful, open-minded gift from a loving aunt who was raised very strictly Catholic. I don't blame her for not knowing that not all decks are alike. When I read with Tarot of the Witches (maybe once every other year or so), my readings feel false. The deck screws with me, and I don't like that.
I mean, just look at that smug bitch on the cover! *~_^*


  1. HAHA!!! Love this post!! I have my fair share of decks and, yes, there are decks that feel like 'smug bitches' just staring me down, begging me to try and read them, knowing they will only lead me astray... My favorite decks these days are the Osho Zen Tarot Deck and the Daughters of the moon circular tarot deck (quite fantastic).. a fun alternative to the rider waite is the Robin Wood, which has the same basic design but with the artistry of Robin Wood (who did many of the drawings for Cunningham's books).
    Blessed Be!

  2. Oh! Thanks Wolf! I'll have to check out the Osho Zen and Daughters of the Moon decks. Funny you should mention the Robin Wood deck, as that is the one my teacher used when I took the class. It not only makes it a fun deck to read, but, I'd wager it makes pretty, frame able art, too! Merry Meet!

  3. I have to agree she does look like a smug bitch. LOL

    But you never know...if you give this deck a chance it might just surprise you with insight that you are not getting from another deck. But maybe not.

    I also think it is wonderful that your dad is so understanding. You are blessed.



  4. Heehee...
    Well, Ana, to be honest, I have given that deck more than enough chances to impart important info. So, either I am dead set against listening (*shock, horror*) or she is holding back. Either way, that is generally the deck I loan to friends who sometimes dabble, but never throw themselves in completely to any one sort of medium-ship.
    Yes, it took him a while, but now my dad speaks freely of ghosts and otherworldly occurrences. It might just be the excitement of it all, but I do enjoy not being taunted. :P


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