Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Haunting...Mwahaha! ^-_-^

Tomorrow is the big day! Samhain, Halloween, Witches' New Year, etc. I'll be at work as usual on Saturdays. However, one of the gals with which I work and I will be "dressing up" anyway. It's not as if I can wear a full costume while shoveling poo and planing the side of a door that is to be hung on a coop. BUT! I plan on wearing either a set of horns or my electric blue bob wig, or both. I also told her that I'd bring in both sets of horns, in case she wanted to wear a pair.
As of late, I have been lighting one of my oil lamps and a few candles instead of turning on lights as it gets dark. So that's one less thing I'll have to remember to do tomorrow night. I figure I'll bury an apple or two, do a little ritual, then head down to the local coffee shop to people watch. It's a very community oriented town I live in; I'm certain there will be tons of people roaming and having a ghoulishly grand time of it!
Well, we're all busy making ready for the big day/night, so I'll cut this one short here. Have a frightfully incredible Samhain/Halloween, kiddies! And don't let your mummies trick you into letting them check your apples for razors first. We all knew that was a lie! They were only after the good stuff. *~_^*

Monday, October 26, 2009

As Promised...Many Times Over

Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Carving

Here, we have Auntie's sweet lil' pup! He's illuminated, but for some reason, I didn't have a picture with the room lights out.

This is big sis's Pug-kin! She wasn't particularly fond of the way her design came out, but I think it's cute! (If a little Fozzie the Bear-like.) *^_^*

Anam Cara's Sister-Friend shows us her starry night pumpkin! How clever; she pinned one of the cut out stars to the outside wall. Artsy lady.

Here's big sis #2 (I'm the youngest of we three girls, and all four children) mimicking her sick pumpkin. At least, we all thought it was pretty sick, man!

Anam Cara is working her way into her pumpkin. She brought one that her husband had grown himself and the walls were incredibly thick! Big sis #2 fixes her hair before digging in.

I've got videos, too, of the apple bobbing! Those will be on YouTube because I can't seem to load them here. Once they're up, I'll post a note letting everyone know.

Thanks for waiting! *^_^*

I Want It! *~_^*

So, Mrs. B over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom has been giving away some really amazing stuff this October! It's her 31 Days of Halloween fun, and apparently she does it every year! Goddess bless the woman for the patience and organization!
Well, as I was perusing what is up for grabs today, I came across one of the most amazing pieces of illustration artwork I have seen in this style since Reading Rainbow featured The Magic Eggs in the late-80s/early-90s! Check it out! It's a random drawing, of course, but I really love Mr. King's work. It's so beautiful and fresh, yet so familiar in its Victorian-Faerie-Tale-illustration inspiration!

In other news, I will be posting those pictures of the pumpkin carving party (finally! I know!) this afternoon, hopefully, as well as a few peeks into Witch Cottage for those of you that have been asking.

Blog ya then! *~_^*

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time Escapes Me

Just another lesson I am to learn. Or so Turtle has told me. That's right, yet another "move slowly and carefully" animal totem has shown up. Though Turtle means many other things, considering what Skunk and Snake have in common, Turtle can really only be talking to me for the same reason. There are other lessons I will take into consideration, but I'm assuming the common denominator is the most important one at hand and must be dealt with first.
Come to think of it, life, the day-after-day thing I've been going through has been flying by without my so much as batting an eye or wondering what could have been. Finally, Turtle has beaten me into submission and I will try my darndest to treasure each moment; each breeze against my cheek, every sudden hint of every subtle change of the seasons wafting past my nose, every single solitary sense of magical life in nature and within my being. These are things I don't always take for granted, but sometimes I'm rushing to my next task, rushing to get home, rushing to get inside Witch Cottage, rushing to go to bed, rushing to get to work, and on it goes. Sure, when I'm walking from one barn to the next, I appreciate all that I have. However, there is so much more I can do, so much more that I want to do, so much more I need to do and should do.
I'm looking forward to getting back into my "Merpeople" art, regular yoga at home, taking bike rides when possible (especially since Uncle spent the great majority of his last day off tweaking and fixing everything wrong with my old bike!) Of course, there are also my flute and harp to fiddle with, and I just adore them both. Now with Auntie and Uncle speaking what little Spanish they know to their teacup chihuahua, and with mis cositas magicas, a new follower from Espana reminding me that I did fairly well in Spanish in high school (since I can pick out certain words and phrases in her blog), I'm itching to bust out my Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary and old notebook! Then, of course, there is also Japanese and all of the wonderful tools I have to teach myself that intricate language as well.
So many hobbies and, as Skunk, Snake and Turtle now tell me, so little time. However, I must also remember to pace myself. No rushing. Enjoy it all. Soak it all in. After all, what's the rush?
Good night, Dear Friends. Sleep well and sleep in! *~_^*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weather, Skunk and Snake

Oh, my word! So many magical things have happened within the past few weeks. I'm lost as to where I might begin! Let's start at the very beginning; a very good place to start. *~_^*

As you all now know, I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. The weather, I had heard, was supposed to be relatively rainy/cloudy all that weekend. Now, I know, as do all of you I hope, that weather magic is a form of manipulation that is verboten.
(As the Rede of the Wiccae asks of us: An Harm Ye None, Do What Ye Will, all forms of manipulation magic (unless they are for the good of all) are simply not done, should you decide to adhere to the Three-Fold Rule. Weather magic is not all bad. However, if it is not in the best interests of the world, it can have very dramatic, very dire effects elsewhere, either in the world or in time. Of course, this is up for debate in the magical communities all over the world, but I am one of this rule's followers.)
I broke that rule a few days before my birthday. Wish Magic can be especially potent if one truly believes. This, also, is up for debate, but I have had many wishes made in childhood come true from early on even until now! I digress, though I work alone, many children wish that the "rain, rain, go away. Come around another day!" When the clouds apeared, I am certain that I was not alone in my hopes that weekend, cementing the magic in place (as I cannot move a weekend-long storm on my own, and don't really ever want to because of the effects.)
SO, that Saturday, as I worked, the rain came down steady and true. Sunday morning I awoke to a heavy fog, but as Anam Cara(for those of you who are new to this blog, Anam Cara is Celtic for "Soul Friend" and is what I call my closest, spiritual friend) and I drove to the Ren Faire (we go every year on my birthday weekend), the clouds parted and a soft light dappled the leaves, and through the leaves onto the ground. We had a marvelous Fall day! The following day, my birthday, fluffy clouds drifted in a cerulean sky! The ground was dry enough for Auntie, Uncle and I to lie in the old cemetary on the bank of the pond and chase clouds while we mused on all that had transpired since the year before.
Now, since last Wednesday, we have had cloudy, drizzley days. I am not complaining. It's my comeupence, and the Earth needs and wants its balance. As a Libra, I fully understand and wants this for the Universe. I am completely content with the gorgeous weather I was given (or, with help, unbeknownst to the children of the area, had made.) Now, our Jack-o-Lanterns are shiney with rain and the yellow leaves of the Locust trees are all the more bright against the seal gray sky!

What else has happened? Well, I came across a skunk on the farm two weeks ago. I've never seen a skunk up close and personal-like. Bad Axe was full of them, so the smell never bothered me; but I never saw them. I could smell it and it was driving me up the wall not knowing where it was. One of the guys found it hiding behind a detached plow by the tractors. He called me over and pointed into the garage. I asked him what it was, but he wouldn't say. So I excitedly, but cautiously took a peek.
"Is it dead?" he asked.
I looked again. "No!" I exclaimed in a whisper, "It just moved it's head a little. I don't see any blood, so I don't think it's hurt. I think it's just scared and trying to hide. Oh, it's so sweet!"
"Sweet?! A skunk? Girl! You're crazy," he laughed, and we both went back to what we were doing.
I didn't think anything of it.
Until I was on my way down the hill to finish feeding and head home about one week ago. At first, I thought what I saw was a length of black wire covering (sometimes I see them around the work sheds). Then I thought is was an especially dark twig, maybe a little damp from the rain. No matter. I stayed true to the path and realized, almost too late that was actually a darling, little garder snake in the walkway! I had thought, as my foot went down, "Oh, no! I stepped on it's head!" But it recoiled, mouth agape, asking me for a reason to strike. I stepped back quickly, realizing that, had I stepped on it's head, I would have felt a little bump underfoot and it would surely have been far too injured to threaten retribution! My heart soared knowing that the serpent would be alright. I backed out of the fight quickly, but carefully, apologizing on my way. A few steps back and it stayed in position, but it closed its mouth and proceeded to sniff me out. Doing that must have calmed it some, because I took one or two steps up to it to see if it looked hurt or damaged in any way. Content and immobile, it flicked it's tongue and I could see that it was absolutely alright. Phew!
Again, I didn't think anything of it until the next day. Dragon/Damselfly is slowly disappearing from my everyday life (he/she is my most prominent Spirit Guide) as the air grows cooler. Of course! I had to look up what Skunk and Snake were teaching me in their sudden appearances. Those of you who are interested in Spirit Guides and what they can teach you everyday of your life, I highly, highly recommend Ted Andrews' book Animal-Speak. It was a gift given me by Anam Cara on the day of my high school graduation, and it has been a never-ending source of information and guidance henceforth.
Skunk and Snake have many things in common, and I think it is those lessons in particular that I am meant to learn now, since I didn't seem to pay much attention to Skunk until Snake showed up.
Skunk: silence is key. Don't strike unless neccessary, because you can move at your own pace. Aim is important, and one spray is all it takes to hit the mark. (Keynote:Sensuality, Respect and Self-Esteem pg.312 in Animal-Speak)
Snake: again, don't strike unless necessary. But one attack is all you need. Travel between the Worlds and seek out the information you need or desire. Snake can and will help you with this. (Keynote: Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation and Wisdom pg.360 in Animal-Speak)
Both creatures are associated with the Kundalini, the serpent of the lower spine, the energy of creativity and the primal lifeforce in all that is. I think that these spirits are telling me that the Universe is waiting for me to make my move. (It has been for a few years now. Everything that I have read and have been told for the past two or three years has been telling me that I can make the most of my life, my creativities and my world as I make it. But I have to make it.) Skunk tells me to work at my own pace and stay true to the course I set for myself. Snake agrees and tells me to make the most of what the Eternal Fairy Godmother gave me before birth. After all, my first name means Rebirth, while my middle name means Pure. I am being told to do what I feel is right for me. Feel what I want to feel and be that which I am meant to be. I have come into my power, have tapped into it and all I need do now is do with it as I see fit. However, the exception that the Universe has set before me is the wasting of that which I have been given. That is why, year after year, as I continue to slowly make progress (thank you Skunk), the Creator gently nudges me from time to time. "Don't leave it behind. You will never lose it," the Galaxies say, "but sometimes you may lose sight of it. You cannot shatter this golden orb We have bestowed upon you, nor is it a trifle with which to play. Guard it and use it well. It is your Spirit, and you have found it."
Wow! What a revelation!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Mah Birfday!

Yea! 26 and life is good!
Saturday night was the Pumpkin Carving Party. What fun! We didn't get to the corn dollies, but I think it will be fun to do one or two today after a nature/cemetery walk with Auntie and Uncle. Everyone's pumpkins were creative and fun, and well thought out! Being a carving party, it's no surprise that we all really thought about what we would create.
Both sisters were there. One made a "pug" pumpkin, the other a "puking" pumpkin. (Sounds like one of the Weasley treats!) My brother-in-law wasn't in attendance, but my other sister's boyf carved an effigy of the in-law. Pretty funky, too! Anam Cara's pumpkin showcased various pagan symbols (one of which being a lovely, glowing spiral), and Anam Cara's "sis" carved a darling scene of moon and stars! Auntie sculpted a perfect portrait of her pup, and I hollowed out a faerie house with a few windows and a door. No, the door does not open. *^_^* All of which I have pictures that will be shared on the next blog (hopefully).
The apple bobbing was a riot! Not everyone was able to give it the old college try, but, as I've heard from all attendees, the party was a success in every way. I feel so blessed to have the friends and family round me that can cherish fun, homey, old fashioned parties like these. I love them all!
Yesterday, I spent the day with Anam Cara at King Richard's Faire in Carver. Every year, on my birthday weekend, this is a must for me! How lucky I am to have a Medieval/Renaissance/Fantasy faire to feed my faerie tale needs on my birthday. The King; Seamus, Earl of Kilkenny; The Tortuga Twins; Heyo the Jester and many others sang me a very short, but sweet, birthday song! How silly!
Now, I think I'll be off to walk by the grist mill pond and take in the little cemetery on the water. Why not enjoy a little time with those long past on a day to celebrate life? To me, it only seems proper. I would like to hold a Dumb Supper this month, too, but atfer these past two weekends and after the success of the Pumpkin Party, I may just do the usual solitary thing and bury a few extra apples and a couple of coin.
Never you fret, my dearies, pictures of the Witch Cottage and party will be posted. Again, I marvel, how blessed I am that life is so good to me! I hope it is the same for each of you.

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