Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time Escapes Me

Just another lesson I am to learn. Or so Turtle has told me. That's right, yet another "move slowly and carefully" animal totem has shown up. Though Turtle means many other things, considering what Skunk and Snake have in common, Turtle can really only be talking to me for the same reason. There are other lessons I will take into consideration, but I'm assuming the common denominator is the most important one at hand and must be dealt with first.
Come to think of it, life, the day-after-day thing I've been going through has been flying by without my so much as batting an eye or wondering what could have been. Finally, Turtle has beaten me into submission and I will try my darndest to treasure each moment; each breeze against my cheek, every sudden hint of every subtle change of the seasons wafting past my nose, every single solitary sense of magical life in nature and within my being. These are things I don't always take for granted, but sometimes I'm rushing to my next task, rushing to get home, rushing to get inside Witch Cottage, rushing to go to bed, rushing to get to work, and on it goes. Sure, when I'm walking from one barn to the next, I appreciate all that I have. However, there is so much more I can do, so much more that I want to do, so much more I need to do and should do.
I'm looking forward to getting back into my "Merpeople" art, regular yoga at home, taking bike rides when possible (especially since Uncle spent the great majority of his last day off tweaking and fixing everything wrong with my old bike!) Of course, there are also my flute and harp to fiddle with, and I just adore them both. Now with Auntie and Uncle speaking what little Spanish they know to their teacup chihuahua, and with mis cositas magicas, a new follower from Espana reminding me that I did fairly well in Spanish in high school (since I can pick out certain words and phrases in her blog), I'm itching to bust out my Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary and old notebook! Then, of course, there is also Japanese and all of the wonderful tools I have to teach myself that intricate language as well.
So many hobbies and, as Skunk, Snake and Turtle now tell me, so little time. However, I must also remember to pace myself. No rushing. Enjoy it all. Soak it all in. After all, what's the rush?
Good night, Dear Friends. Sleep well and sleep in! *~_^*


  1. "Turtle has beaten me into submission and I will try my darndest to treasure each moment; each breeze against my cheek..."

    Yes Dear Young One, please do heed the message of Turtle. Please, please do.

    All any of us have, is now. Let's notice it.

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  2. I think it is hard for those of us who want to do/learn all that we can. For me, sadly, it always ends with an overwhelming sense of 'too much to do, not enough time...scrap the whole lot'. I am glad you are trying to fit it all in and enjoy each task.

  3. It's all I can do in this life! Why miss out on all of it when I can do all that I can with the time I've got? In fact, today I enjoyed a lovely bike ride on the canal!

  4. That's all we can do...TRY and enjoy every single minute and every single moment. Heed your turtle totem.



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