Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'll post a proper post tomorrow, but I just wanted to check in with all of you lovelies today. I wish everyone a splendid, safe, candy-laden and soulful Samhain! Here's to lighting the way for those that have gone before us, that they may welcome us when we join them in the Summerlands.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mmm...thunder. *^_^*

Before I start getting ready for bed, I thought I'd post this fun, little ditty for you fine folks! This is the fantastic, hilarious Goth musician, Voltaire. My sis and I saw him went we went to Philly many years ago. This man is tremendously talented! So...enjoy!

Here's another before you go to bed.

Sleep tight, little dearies! I'll post all about the developments I've been planning out for my art another time. Soon, though. *~_^*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now That the Cooler Weather is Settling In...

As I wander this twisting and confusing world of singlehood, I wonder if dating will ever really be an option for me. For three years, I was single. For three years, I delved into my personality. For three years I found out a huge chunk of who I was; who I am. For three years, I felt the lonely twinge only once in a while, but it passed; usually without much of a fight. By the light of dawn, my lonely nights were nothing but an emotional memory. I'd go on with my days as if the feeling had never reared its ugly head. For the most part, being single is bliss.
Until someone comes along to make me second guess my happiness.
Men come and go. Emotions arise, but are never in sync. One of us always feels more strongly than the other; sometimes them, usually me.
Makes me wonder still more. If I've got all I need by myself; if life is less complicated, less dramatic; if I have very dear friends and family round me, why is it, then that I feel that old, familiar feeling creep in every so often?
Tell me, ladies, are you single? If so, how long have you been and is it by choice? How do you pass the lonely moments away? If you are not single, what is the longest stretch of single living you lived? Was it self-imposed? How did you find your special someone? Gentlemen, tell me what you think of all of this? How do you fellas navigate the dating world?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gettin' Some Lovin'!

Darling, lovely Cattra, over at Cattra's Magickal World (love, love, love that she spelled it with a "k!") awarded my little blog three, flattering awards! She's a doll, and I am honored. *^_^*

As I've mentioned, blog awards are a lovely thing to receive. While I will gladly (and happily) accept any and all praise sent my way, as well as give some love back by way of linkage, I'm not one to play completely by the rules. All of the blogs I read are marvelous! There are even some out there that share that trait, but haven't been found by my browser, yet. Keeping this in mind, I remind you, darling readers and followers, that I leave the awards open-ended; from me to you! If you would like to copy and paste the award images into your blogs and tell us a little about yourselves, I implore you to carpe diem! Every single, solitary (or covener *~_^*) one of you deserves the love that has been bestowed upon my blog.
For those of you that do play by the rules, here they are.

1.) Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2.) Share 7 things about yourself.
3.) Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered. (I'm making this optional.)
4.) Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards. (Only if you decide to do #3.)

However, since I am of the vain kind, I will go along with the telling of 7 things about me.

1.) I had a very headstrong, but loving parakeet named Abracadabra (Abbie for short) for about 6 years. I adored the pants off that bird!
2.) Ever since Abbie, I have entertained the idea of getting a puppy, but I just don't have the patience for another pet right now.
3.) My favorite crayon color is Denim Blue.
4.) I almost went to art school for animation, but changed my mind at the beginning of my senior year of high school.
5.) I regret number four.
6.) I have been single for at least three years and am finding it difficult to get back onto the dating scene. Know anyone? *~_^*
7.) My great-grandmother, who lives alone; gardens; paints; volunteers at her local senior center; yet still finds time to write letters with me, will be 99 next year! I come from good stock!

There you have it, dearies! *^_^*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Favorite

Here is yet another one of my favorite videos, dear readers. This song infiltrates my daydreams; the video, my soul. What do you think?

Monday, October 18, 2010

For My Fae Friends

Hello, dearies! This is a short that was shot in 2006. I happened upon it earlier this year. As I was rolling through my YouTube favorites list, I realized that this is something I would love to share with all of you. It also fits the feel of the season. Enjoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Ghoulish Fun!

Here are a few classics of the season. Enjoy...if you dare!!!

One of the most amazing, cinematic music videos of all time. They just don't make them like this anymore.

Theme song to a fun thriller of the eighties. I've got my VHS copy, do you?

Haha! Here's another 80's doozy!

Here's a traditional Halloween song with a very funerary twist! I really like this version. Anyone here remember playing the game while singing along?

I've never heard this one before, even though it was an addition to the video game BioShock. Such a fun tune!

Not a huge "classic rock" fan, but this is a clever song for the witchy folk this time of year.

I loved my Ghostbusters action figures!!! Is it weird that I had a crush on Harold Ramis after seeing this movie?

If you enjoyed these videos, I recommend checking out this compilation YouTuber "Yankee0412" put together.

Looks like I have some movies to watch this Halloween! *~_^* For instance, I haven't seen Bell, Book and Candle in a dog's age, at least!

Anyone care to share some of their favorites?


My mind has had Frankie Avalon's Venus playing over and over and over and over...

Venus was, and remains one of my very favorite songs of all time. As I'm sure I've mentioned, I listened only to the "oldies" station until we moved in my twelfth year. After that, it was like pulling teeth without Novocaine trying to find and get a decent sound of an oldies station on the Cape. But, boy oh boy! do those sweet, classic tunes bring a smile to my heart!

Here's another: Sam Cooke's Cupid.

Looking at the content of these two songs in particular makes me wonder. Did the music I listened to as a child have an affect on my accepting embrace and eventual adoption of a polytheistic spirituality? Hmm...
What genres of music bring you back?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend O' Fun!

As I've mentioned, tomorrow is my 27th birthday. Yea! *^_^* So, this past weekend being the nearest to the big day, celebrations and fun were had in spades!
Saturday, I went out with some friends to an indoor, black-lit, mini golf course! It was such a silly blast! We all agreed that the first five holes were not much more than the usual mini golf course. Granted, it was inside, so we weren't freezing our bums off. And, you know, everything was painted with black light paint so the cosmic rays of the mini golf planet's black light sun would set all we could see aglow. Aside from those two minor details (*rolls eyes* "Right; minor...") nothin' big. Then, we got inside the "transport." Two holes inside a spaceship manned by two, remote control apes. Dreamboat (as I will call the fella I admire) really got a big kick out of the apes! It was cute watching him try to get one of them to mouth my name. :P
The last hole in the transport captured our balls and, well, transported them to the next hole. I should mention, we had two other golfers in our party; Red (a bubbly actress) and her beau, Knight (quiet fellow who's competitive side comes out when playing games, ala Silent Knight of the comic world). Now, onto the second bit of the course.
To get to the eighth hole, one had to leave the transport by way of time warp tunnel. This was created with a simple, metal floor grate and thin, metal railings for balance. Dreamboat was the first to go through. He had a little difficulty. Here is why. As you travel over the see-through grate to the other side, your trip is enhanced by the swirling cosmos of the tunnel. Not only is the tube black-lit, it is spinning around the walkway.
Knight went next. He was almost perfectly normal in his walk through time. Red declared that she wasn't going alone. So, we joined hands and stepped into the fun-house throwback. I'm certain the boys were rolling their eyes as our cries of "Oh my god!" and "Woah!!" echoed out onto their victors' end. I remember thinking to myself, "Don't look up. Don't look up," as I was staring at the grate to get across. Did I listen? Nope.
The opening at the end of the optical illusory path was twisting and turning on its side! And, off I went. This was when I checked Red into the railing! Oops! I apologized profusely for the rest of the night through nervous giggles. Red laughed it off and we laughed more as Knight went on to the next hole while Dreamboat kept running back and forth through the tunnel! When Knight hit his first turn, he, too ran back through a few more times!
Boys. Heehee *^_^*
Really, we all had a good time. I wouldn't mind going back.
Yesterday, Sunday, Auntie, Oldest Sis and I went vintage shopping at a favorite antique shop off-Cape; Antique Asylum. We always have such fun trying on the vint. jewelry and clothes. And, sometimes, if we're really lucky, we find a really great deal on something we just can't live without! I found a pair of cotton/poly gloves in cream, with a leafy detail for $4! What a steal! They fit me, well, like gloves. But, see, I have long fingers, so vintage gloves don't often fit me. These beauties feel like they were made for me...decades ago... Oldest Sis bought them for me for my birthday! I adore them and know that they will definitely get some good use at teas and outings.

Off to lunch at a newly opened diner; the Patriot Diner. This is the location of the former My Tin Man Diner, to those of you who know the area. If I'm wrong, please correct me. *^_^* Upon first entering, I have to say, I was a mite disappointed in the fact that there were not one, but two, flat-screen televisions mounted near the ceiling on either side of the bar. The majority of tables were not booths, and the general place felt a little dirty and in general disarray. However, the staff were friendly and talkative, efficient and not at all pushy. In fact, our waitress reminded me of Jessica from True Blood, but, well, when she's not upset. My Veggie Melt and homemade fries were delicious, but the decaf coffee was really weak. All in all, not a bad experience, but I would never eat there alone. Having friends along definitely helped lighten the atmosphere. Auntie, Oldest Sis and I were dressed time appropriate, too. That always makes things more fun. Not to say that I didn't enjoy myself, mind you; I really did. These, however, were my first impressions of the diner.
Mmm...then to the Ice Cream Sandwich for, you guessed it! Ice cream. Even in the windy, chilly, early Fall weather we enjoyed our coconut-dipped cone (Auntie), hot fudge sundae (Sis) and coffee mocha shake (me...) Oh! So full! We enjoyed the remainder of our sweets over a few hands of crazy eights at Auntie's house.
When Uncle returned home from work, he played a couple of hands until Middle Sis and her Boyf joined up. Much chatting and laughter was had while our homemade pizzas baked. After dinner, and Auntie's amazingly delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, Mid Sis insisted that I wanted to open my (very unexpected, but dearly appreciated) gifts. No resistance from me! What grand loved ones I have that know me so well! Here is what I received from Auntie and Uncle.
"The Complete Stories and Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson"
and a collection of five novels by Charles Dickens. I've never read any Anderson, but have always wanted to read the originals. A Tale of Two Cities is decidedly one novel I have never truly appreciated. I have been told that it was Dickens' weakest story. Knowing this, I plan on diving into his other works. This massive tome will aid me in my quest to read the classics that were skipped in high school. (I read Tale... twice in school. :/ Long story.) You know? I may read it again. As an adult, it may be enjoyable. Why not? Right?

Mid Sis and Boyf brought me:
Locally, handmade chocolates from Ghelfi's!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories by Lewis Caroll. These, too are stories I've been looking forward to reading at the insistence of those who know me and what I read. Now, I can!
This is one of two handmade shirts Boyf crafted for me. For those of you who don't move in the Otaku-Verse, this is Maetel; the beautiful, major supporting character of Leiji Matsumodo's masterpiece anime, Galaxy Express 999. GE999 is the first anime film that I saw as a budding otaku. It is precious, even now in Japanese culture. If you have not seen it and can, at the very least stomach anime, I urge you to see this epic tale. It is a heart-wrenching commentary on society's obsession with eternal youth and life, and its destructive determination to those ends. You won't be disappointed.
The second of these gifts is a basic, white tee with the same, hand-printed design. "Pajama shirt!"I said. Mid Sis agreed. *^_^*
Mid Sis and Boyf also bought me a massive bottle of Riesling that we all shared with dinner. Yummy!
Thank you, everyone! This has been a marvelous birthday! *^_^* I love all of you dearly.
The gifts only sweeten the deal! *~_^*

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Witching Season

Ah! How I love it! Welcome October; I've missed you so. Even though every season brings new wonder and delight, Fall (October in particular) brings out the witch in all of us. The Undines and Sylphs of weather are dragging October through the door kicking and screaming! My, my, my. Like a spoiled, little child being sent to bed without dessert for the first time, October is making quite a ruckus tonight. To be sure, I was soaked right through to the bone by the time I left the farm this afternoon. I even had to hang my glasses on the neck of my shirt so I could see! They weren't doing me any good collecting water and splitting raindrops so half would splash into my eyes. The faeries were laughing all the while.
I digress. October is the month of spooks and ghouls; the veil being at its thinnest this time of year. Halloween, for many, is a time of tricks and treats, frightening tales and transformations. Samhain, though, is our time to part the veil between the worlds and reach out to loved ones that have passed. Then again, we may simply travel to the Summerlands for a short while to gain insight into the new year or to let go of what must, finally, be released. Anam Cara projects every Samhain. It is her time to connect with loved ones lost, as her Ascended Masters take up all meditations and travels throughout the balance of the year. She is on an excellerated journey in this life. Samhain is her one day off every year.
October is also the month of my birth. *^_^* I shall begin my 27th year in this life on the fifth! Wow! 27. I still feel like I'm 12. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, I am still but an infant. There is still so much to do, to learn, to see and to feel. I appreciate the experiences I have both endured and relished these 26 years. True, I have painful memories just like every one else who packs them away into their baggage. Yet, I recall them with a bittersweet smile. For had I not been through all that I have, I would not be who I am today. Perhaps a parting of the veil will give me insight into who, or what I would have become had the road less traveled been the choice. Maybe things would be different.
But why should I wonder? Why should I care? Why would I want that which I have not; that which I am not? My life, in fact, my world, as it is in this very still, perfect moment is bliss. I am the Witch I want to be! I do not want for anything. I have family and friends who love and care about me, for which I feel the deepest admiration and appreciation in return. My home is more than adequate to keep me dry, safe and comfortable. My job affords me free exercise, meditation time and a regular paycheck to pay my bills and keep me sustained. Every time I see the doctor and they check my vitals, I have perfect blood pressure, pulse and heartbeat! And I am debt free.
All of these marvels of happiness, and still I hope to improve myself. Every so often, I'll pick up a course catalog for the local tech school or community college. Someday, I'll take a class or two. Maybe lucky number 27 is the year? This will be a magical year for me. Those of you into numerology know why. For those of you who haven't figured it out, yet, here's a break down: 27---> 2+7=9---> 9 is divisible by 3 (the magic number) into 3! Et viola! *^_^* Presto! Magical year!
Also, now that I have accepted Bast as one of my Guides, offerings and ritual have become a sort of second nature to me. While, before, I was a lazy Pagan, I now offer up the first pouring of milk and half and half to my little, Egyptian representation of my goddess. She is a ceramic piece I made in high school. By the time she was born of clay and fire, I had grown tired of glazes. At this, my teacher/mentor told me of a technique called "burnishing." So, I painted her all over with black, acrylic paint, then burnished her in silver and gold. My little Bast is a sight to behold. And to be worshipped! I will post a picture sometime if you'd like. Just let me know.
That is all, for now. I'm going to enjoy my tea and listen to the rain.
Happy October!

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