Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This should tide you over until the 26th.

Many points. Oh! So many points!
First, incredibly overdue update on that annoying abortion ban that keeps coming back like a bad case of eczema. About two or three posts ago, I asked you to speak up for all women's rights to choose. They are our bodies, let us decide. Though, regrettably, I am unsure of the state of things right now, I saved the following email so that I could cut and paste for those of you who care. My email is on the Planned Parenthood mailing list, so I receive updates and newsletters periodically. That is my source. The email is at the end of this post. At one point, she refers to "my" senator. That would be the senator for Massachusetts. YEA! *^_^*

Second, even though it should have been first and, as this is a Pagan blog, should have been yesterday: HAPPY YULE!!!!! *^_^* Did everyone enjoy their extended sunshine, today? I know I was greatful for it. I'm a bad little witch because I didn't ritualize. In fact, I cleaned my floors (though I did meditate on sweeping out the old and making it all new and shining for the birth of the Horned One) and wrapped Christmas gifts.
*Shock! Horror! Gasp!* Yes, I still celebrate Christmas. We all know that it's a bastardization of Yule and that the symbolism is still intact. Besides, what's a witch to do when the rest of her family is either borderline Christians, Athiests and rational thinking scientific minds who want to believe, but just can't shut off that part of their evolved minds? I hold nothing against any of them, as they do me the same kindness. Heck! Some of my family members were practicing witches at one one point! I digress. Wrapping gifts, listening to a Pandora Christmas music station and having my tree lit after widening the drive certainly brought my holiday cheer up a few measures. It's all about love, sharing that love and time with those around you and gifts anyway, right? Well, not as much the last bit, but, admit it; without gifts, it just isn't the same. No, you don't have to admit it aloud. *~_^* Also, I recorded "Blue Christmas" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and posted them on my YouTube page. They're not great, but I hope to take voice lessons in the next year...maybe...

Third, work has been busy! We're operating on a skeleton staff. (Alright, boys and girls, let's bring our minds back from the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra.) So we are all doing things that need to get done that we wouldn't normally be doing. I was asked to move the playhouses, kids' tractors and toys to the covered pavilion area since the first blizzard was on its way. I also had to grab two guys to help me move the outdoor parrot cage under cover. Yup. It's that big. My bosses are really great people, so a few extra tasks are no big deal. Besides that, I had to make sure that everyone was winterized and ready for the storm. Heater buckets for water must be in working order. The outlets the are plugged into must be in working order. Everything must be under cover. Doors must be either shut and barracaded or open slightly but still barracaded from the wind and snow. Check. Check. Check and Check. I also had the attach and screw in the top half of a door on the duck, guinea hen and chicken coop. Hopefully, having been off for the past three days, everyone is alright and everything still works. *crosses fingers*

Fourth, I baked cookies for one of our neighbors. He was nice enough to have helped out with his snowblower on the second shoveling of the driveway. I think they'll be delivered in person tomorrow. If I wait any longer, I may have to bake a new batch. Also, having stocking candy in the kitchen isn't a very good idea. I may have to buy another bag tomorrow. Ugh! Sugar has always been a difficult thing for me to turn down. The holidays make it especially hard. *U_U* Why, hello again 10 pounds that I had lost last year! I was wondering when you'd return. We'll see if I can keep them off and then some? I'm planning on tightening the purse strings further for the winter, as I will be working one less day a week. I know I can get by without changing anything, but why only get by when I can be frugal, save money and be ready in case I need a few extra bucks down the line?

Fifth and sixth, my dentist appointment was changed because the hygienist was not available that day (two hours before my appointment.) So it is now in February. In addition, no news on the guy front. Everytime I go in and don't need his services, he's there. When I do need help, he's nowhere around. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm hoping that he doesn't think I'm stalking him. *sigh*

That's all for now. Isn't it enough?! Haha! I love you all! And, by the way, welcome to the newbie followers! Glad to have you aboard. *^_^*

Great news — minutes ago, the Senate voted on the anti-choice Nelson/Hatch amendment to health care reform, and we won! Unlike the Stupak amendment that passed the House of Representatives, this amendment did not pass the Senate!

This is a huge victory — and your e-mails and phone calls helped make it happen. Thank you. While we still have a long way toward health care reform that ensures quality, affordable health care — including reproductive health care — for all, defeating the Nelson/Hatch amendment today was a big step forward.

More good news: your senator voted with us to defeat this amendment. Will you take just a moment to say thanks? Legislators hear from us so often before a vote — hearing from us after, saying thank you, really matters. It only takes a moment!

As you likely know, Democratic Senator Ben Nelson and Republican Senator Orrin Hatch were behind the anti-choice amendment, and the language was virtually identical to the Stupak amendment. As we saw during the vote in the House of Representatives, anti-choice groups were lobbying hard to pass it. But, the Senate agreed with us this time: eliminating choice for millions of women with private health insurance is a price we can't afford to pay for passing health reform.

Renee, we still have a long way to go. I'm certain that there will be significant hurdles ahead, and I'm glad to know, as always, that we can count on your help. Just for today, though, please know that we did something great together. Thank you.


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


For those of you that are wondering, "Where'd she go?" I'm here! However, this is a quick one. I will update very soon (tomorrow even...maybe.) I have been busy and tired and lazy. (You try doing all of that! It's hard!) All will be revealed, though nothing spectacular, as soon as I have time. Thanks for hanging in there, folks! *^_^*
Over and out.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Haha. Very funny, Jack.

Today, from 10 to about 2:15, Anam Cara and I hosted our second Faerie Workshop! We had planned a few days ago to say a temporary farewell to the Autumnal Fae as Winter's icy fingers wend their way 'round our homes. This, we thought, is the prime time to send out a respecful welcome to those of the Winter Court and leave it at that. The Unseelie Court, you see, makes up the majority of the Winter Faeries. We explained to our attendee that working with the faeries requires a very delicate balance and caution. The Winter faeries are, for the most part, beings you may acknowledge (it would be rude to ignore them when you work with the others during the rest of the year), but it would be best not to enter into any agreements with them. That being said, I must be a hypocrit and admit that I welcome Jack Frost and see myself working with him throughout this cold season. Though he is part of the Unseelie Court, not all of that ilk are inherently evil. In fact, some can be quite helpful. However, as they teeter on the fence, they are more pre-disposed to err on the side of malicious. Puck/Robin Goodfellow, for example is one of this "Unholy Court." Not all bad, but definitely michevious when given the opportunity and choice.
I digress.
As I knew what today's lesson would entail, I had it in my mind that Jack would be making an appearance of some sort. And right I was. Though just a dusting, I spied snow on the ground and cars on my drive to the center this morning. Also, before leaving, I had to let my car thaw a little bit, as I had to use two hands to open the door and let the windscreen artwork dissolve. "Sorry, Jack," I apologized as my wipers chipped the frosty fingers away. He'd be back.
He always comes back.
There, on the back step of Anam Cara's Sanctuary. Right there. See that glossy mat? Looks like a half-inch thick sheet of bumpy ice, huh? Good one, Jack. It's a real butte. So I stepped on it. And, "Whoop!" There I went. I thought that it was hilarious. Anam Cara and the attendee displayed looks of worry and voiced words of concern. But I was fine. All I could do was laugh. I wasn't hurt, nor am I feeling any ill after effects.
So, welcome Winter Court! And you got me, Jack. You got me good. *~_^* I think this winter will be quite interesting with you by my side.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For the love of the Gods and Goddesses!

Anti-choice senators are planning to introduce an amendment that would effectively ban abortion coverage for millions of women. Please stop them: http://www.ppaction.org/campaign/hcr09ssnh_af.

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