Friday, April 26, 2013


About an hour or so before math class this past Wednesday, my throat began to feel a bit scratchy. It wasn't red, only a little irritated. So, I took a couple of ibuprofen and headed off to take a test. All through class, I could feel it steadily getting worse. By the time I left for work the next morning, the irritation was magnified, and a scarlet hue was crawling up to my sinuses. I popped a couple more pills, then went in to work, as usual. Once I got to work, I realized it wouldn't be "as usual," and planned only to stay until noon. That is just what I did, as Thursdays are one of the days my barn help is there to do barn chores while I work on various projects. Most of my plans accomplished, I left for home. On the way, I stopped to grab throat lozenges and "cough syrup." There was no cough, but I bought it just the same for the irritation. I decided on an all natural product, and finally turned to home. I dosed myself, snuggled onto my sofa (as much as one can snuggle into an antique sofa), and did some more research for my paper.

Not yet late enough for bed, I began writing my final paper. Around 8pm, I took some NyQuil and headed to bed to watch Being Human until I fell asleep. Needless to say, I dreamed of being trapped in Sally's room, on some sort of odd balcony, while she was in zombie mode. Not so scarey that I was shaken from my medicated slumber. I woke groggily refreshed, and hopped back in to my paper.

8 pages in, referring to my outline all the while, I have cut out a few items to make room for the stunning revelations I've had. Now, a mere two pages from the end, I have been hit with a stuffy wave of exhaustion, and could not possibly finish my work tonight. It's alright, though. Volunteer hours on Sunday may have to be skipped this week, due to illness. I can finish it then, and study for my next math test.

In other news, this blasted cold is keeping me from attending a lecture tonight on shore bird migration. I was truly looking forward to it, but, alas! It shall not be. I did correctly identify an Eastern Phoebe and an Eastern Towhee this week, though! Very proud of myself, I must say.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I wants it, Precious!

Before I venture forth into the world of faerie tales and their meanings for my first college "final paper" in English, I feel compelled to share the glorious items I hope to purchase for my trip in October.
I do believe that I have yet to mention said trip! Heavens to Betsy! I shall have to reveal the grand plan, now! While mindlessly hopping from "historical recreation link" to "historical recreation link" late one evening a couple of months ago, I came across an annual weekend event organized by INSITE on Mackinac Island. First, you should know that INSITE stands for the International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts. Somewhere In Time was a film starring Christopher Reeves, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Plummer, shot on site at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. It was released in theaters in 1980 during the actors' strike, so did not receive much publicity or acclaim; though fans will tell you it would have been a great hit had the timing been better. Nevertheless, it has become a classic among its fans, and, every year since 1990, the Grand Hotel has been invaded by Victorian and Edwardian costumed enthusiasts to celebrate the message, the magic, the hope, and the grace of the film.
Darlings, this year, the event weekend falls square on my birthday! As many of you know, I plan a weekend day nearest my birthday every year to visit King Richard's Faire (our local fantasy/Renaissance festival), to see friends and ignore common, modern ways. However, that is usually the extent of my excitement, as most of my friends and family are far too busy with their own lives to spend all day with me. I have had beautiful and memorable parties, teas, and brunches, but, as I am about to turn 30, I believe it is time to do something a bit more "me."
The plan, since the majority of my family still resides in Michigan, is to head out the day before the event and meet up with my mother. We'll attend the SIT weekend together and stay on the Island from Thursday through Monday morning. (Something else you should know: Mackinac Island does not allow automobiles! Transportation is all by horse, buggy, coach, bike, or foot!) Following that, we will spend some time with family, that I may catch up and reminisce, then spend a day at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad. You guessed it! I'll be in costume for the Village, too! The trip will end that Tuesday, however, as I am not keen on missing too many of my classes.
So, without further ado, here are a few articles I hope to acquire before too long (aside from the few evening dresses I've commissioned from my seamstress sister!)

Lovely Blouse #1
Lovely Blouse #2
Lovely Blouse #3
Lovely Blouse #4
Lovely Blouse #5 I simply adore this one! It may not be particularly time appropriate, but doesn't it just shout my name? I can see myself wearing it throughout the year!

This skirt is too perfect to pass up!

As much as I would love a new corset, and this beauty would certainly do the trick, I will have to make use of my Moresca bodice for the time being. Mark my words, though; as I sell off my faire garb for a demure, Victorian/Edwardian wardrobe, the faire bodice will be out with a more accurate, Victorian corset fixed in its place in my costume collection.

Foregoing the new underpinnings, I will have that little bit of extra cash to purchase a proper pair of Victorian boots. Luckily, I've already a pair of leather soled, Edwardian dance shoes for evening wear. They need a fair bit of cleaning, but they will do.
Hats, I am thinking, are of little consequence, as I am growing out my hair for the Gibson Girl look, and other, gorgeous Edwardian up-dos. (Though I may try my hand at embellishing just a little on a fascinator or two.)

Alas! Here I am daydreaming of my trip, while the day is flying by! One more thought, my lovelies, before I go. I would that I could use a proper steamer trunk for my travels (the kind with wheels on one end, but open upright with a side for hanging items, and the other with small drawers and a tiny "vanity"), yet I have yet to find a modern, more manageable reproduction. If any of you have any ideas where I might find such a beast, please, do tell! This is the closest I've come to what I am searching for. Not quite it, but it would do if it must. Ideas?

Enjoy the Spring, dearies!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Weird things are happening everywhere. Weather's gone mad, city streets have become warzones, and we are still awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on whether human genes can be patented. (Oh? You missed that last one? Because the appropriate cacophony of outrage at the incident at the Boston Marathon has filled all news and airwaves since it occurred. Here's the most recent link to the gene story I have found.)
So, while I do not have the time, or the mental capacity (reading, reading, reading faerie tales and books and books and books about them for my final paper) to write a full blog post, I thought I'd share this little gem. Apropos, isn't it?

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