Friday, April 26, 2013


About an hour or so before math class this past Wednesday, my throat began to feel a bit scratchy. It wasn't red, only a little irritated. So, I took a couple of ibuprofen and headed off to take a test. All through class, I could feel it steadily getting worse. By the time I left for work the next morning, the irritation was magnified, and a scarlet hue was crawling up to my sinuses. I popped a couple more pills, then went in to work, as usual. Once I got to work, I realized it wouldn't be "as usual," and planned only to stay until noon. That is just what I did, as Thursdays are one of the days my barn help is there to do barn chores while I work on various projects. Most of my plans accomplished, I left for home. On the way, I stopped to grab throat lozenges and "cough syrup." There was no cough, but I bought it just the same for the irritation. I decided on an all natural product, and finally turned to home. I dosed myself, snuggled onto my sofa (as much as one can snuggle into an antique sofa), and did some more research for my paper.

Not yet late enough for bed, I began writing my final paper. Around 8pm, I took some NyQuil and headed to bed to watch Being Human until I fell asleep. Needless to say, I dreamed of being trapped in Sally's room, on some sort of odd balcony, while she was in zombie mode. Not so scarey that I was shaken from my medicated slumber. I woke groggily refreshed, and hopped back in to my paper.

8 pages in, referring to my outline all the while, I have cut out a few items to make room for the stunning revelations I've had. Now, a mere two pages from the end, I have been hit with a stuffy wave of exhaustion, and could not possibly finish my work tonight. It's alright, though. Volunteer hours on Sunday may have to be skipped this week, due to illness. I can finish it then, and study for my next math test.

In other news, this blasted cold is keeping me from attending a lecture tonight on shore bird migration. I was truly looking forward to it, but, alas! It shall not be. I did correctly identify an Eastern Phoebe and an Eastern Towhee this week, though! Very proud of myself, I must say.

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