Monday, September 28, 2009

Awards and Goings On

Well, now! What should I find when I return from a three-day hiatus from my computer but two nominations for the Kreativ Blogger award! Also, of greater importance, four more of you lovelies have found my blog "follow-worthy!" All of you have warmed my heart in this little blogging experience! Every single one of you have taught me something new in every one of your blogs that I might integrate into my practice. And Each and every, sweet, Witchy soul has inspired me to not only continue the Pagan path laid before me, but to make the most of each magickal opportunity! I value and appreciate all of you.
Now for the rules and my breaking thereof (rule-breaking first, though.)
I belonged to MySpace from 2003 until the middle of this year. It was a long time and I found myself spending far too much time online. So I deleted my account. However, one of the side reasons I left was the number of "chain-blogs." It really got out of control and I know quite a few people who tend to feel the same way. As I have mentioned, I feel blessed to be nominated and acknowledged by everyone here. However, I do not expect or hold anyone to the rules. We all have our own little slices of heaven on the interwebs and I don't want anyone to feel obligated or put off by any award they should receive. I digress; anyone I nominate here is not being held to the following rules. Let's all practice our Goddess-given free will! *^_^*

The Rules:
1.) Thank the person who gave this to you.
~A Lion, the Witch and Her Wardrobe
~Deep Inside My Broom Closet

2.) Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
~See Above.
3.) Link the person who nominated you.
~See Above.
4.) Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
~See Below.
5.) Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers.'
~See Below.
6.) Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
~See Below.
7.) Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Seven Things No one Really Knows About Me:
1.) I think the Earth would be better off without Humankind. I realize that it sounds harsh, but it is how I feel.
2.) I know that my Soulmate, the man I end up with, will die before me, but that we will both be very old when it happens. However, when it happens, though my heart be stricken with sadness, I shall live on and enjoy the end of my days on this plane.
3.) This is, for me, a difficult list to make!
4.) I will be 26 on Monday (October 5th)!
5.) I want to be an Opera singer, but feel that I don't have the drive to make it a career. Hopefully, when funds are available, I will take voice lessons.
6.) My dreams find me in the form of a man more often than that of a woman.
7.) I get so pumped up to work on my art so much that, when the time comes to do it, I blank and often end up cleaning or watching a movie.

Side note: Some sad, some depressing, a few happy, but these are only a few things I could think of to share. Trust me, I am a much happier person, otherwise! *^_^*

Seven Nominations for Seven Bloggers!
~This gal deserves it again! Go, Aeshe, Go!
~Not Witchy, but Thrifty! I love 50's Gal's style and grace!
~Another on a different path, but he is super creative and fun to follow!
~Artsy-Crafty Chic...y! And then some!
~Sweet and to-the-point, Mrs. B! So many great, helpful, and sometimes Spooky hints in one darling package!
~Great ideas and loads of fun! Sometimes quick notes. Sometimes pictures shows. Always fun and helpful!
~New Pagan recipes practically every day! This gal deserves a lot of credit for the amount of info she is willing and able to impart in every blog.

I salute each of you, Ladies! Thanks for making reading blogs less work and more play!

Friday, September 18, 2009


They came in yesterday! When I say that they "came in," I mean that the pumpkin delivery truck arrived and we happily unloaded those lovely, bright orange signs of Fall out onto the open strip of farmland. Apparently, the farm on which I work grew pumpkins one year. However, being a "Pick Your Own" farm had disastrous results. People, I suppose, can't control their children once they set foot on a farm, and so the vines were all destroyed. That being the case, the owners decided it best to buy the plump darlings in and set them up in the fallow fields to look like a pumpkin patch without the prickly viney-ness of a true patch. It's a big hit every year, though.
Their arrival only makes planning my Pumpkin Carving Party all the more exciting
And nerve wracking, as I still have yet to chose a date, plan extra activities and figure out nibblin's and libations!
Don't even talk to me about my guest list! They'll all need to know asap, too so they can either get off of work, or avoid other plans.
I'm thinking of bobbing for apples or something. Maybe some Ghost in the the graveyard!!! Ooh! It's all so exciting...and hectic.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Done And...Well, Not So Done

The move is over. Of a sort. Last Monday was the big truck day, but we still had a number of things left to move. So, Tuesday came, I went to work, and my boss was lovely enough to let me leave early. Auntie and I rented a smaller truck for the leftovers and away we went. By the time Uncle got home from work, the truck was half full, and we still had a few things to go. Very long story short, we hadn't finished unloading and returning the truck until eleven o'clock that night. But we were finally in Toad Hall Cottage, surrounded by boxes and odds and ends.
We would "camp out" in the Cottage for a week, as the Toad Hall would not be available until the following Monday.
So, here we are, waiting to move Auntie and Uncle's treasured belongings into the house so that I may unpack my homey, little Toad Hall Cottage. This is the basis of my "dream" witch cottage! There will be slight renovations over the next two to four years to make it just right, but already it is sparking my imagination for all of the marvelous concoctions, spells and tranquility I will be brewing up!
Once these walls house only my things, I will take pictures and elaborate on the improvements that will be made. I also plan on taking pictures through each and every project and sharing them with you all, Darling Readers! For now, I shall simply continue to dream, research, plan and make ready for the transformations to come.
Also, though my home will not yet be what I one day hope for, wheels are turning as I begin planning fun and events and discovering small town activities for the upcoming Equinox and Samhain. I've already decided that a pumpkin carving party is in order, with maybe a little bobbing for apples and ghost stories by the bonfire. A Dumb Supper would also be a great tribute to those strong souls of the past, associated with this property established circa 1718. I'm certain they would simply adore a good meal after such a long time. Who knows? Maybe a Hallows Eve movie night is in order! A little Hocus Pocus? Some Witches of Eastwick? Perhaps a bit of Practical Magic?
We shall see. And so shall thee.

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