Monday, September 7, 2009

Done And...Well, Not So Done

The move is over. Of a sort. Last Monday was the big truck day, but we still had a number of things left to move. So, Tuesday came, I went to work, and my boss was lovely enough to let me leave early. Auntie and I rented a smaller truck for the leftovers and away we went. By the time Uncle got home from work, the truck was half full, and we still had a few things to go. Very long story short, we hadn't finished unloading and returning the truck until eleven o'clock that night. But we were finally in Toad Hall Cottage, surrounded by boxes and odds and ends.
We would "camp out" in the Cottage for a week, as the Toad Hall would not be available until the following Monday.
So, here we are, waiting to move Auntie and Uncle's treasured belongings into the house so that I may unpack my homey, little Toad Hall Cottage. This is the basis of my "dream" witch cottage! There will be slight renovations over the next two to four years to make it just right, but already it is sparking my imagination for all of the marvelous concoctions, spells and tranquility I will be brewing up!
Once these walls house only my things, I will take pictures and elaborate on the improvements that will be made. I also plan on taking pictures through each and every project and sharing them with you all, Darling Readers! For now, I shall simply continue to dream, research, plan and make ready for the transformations to come.
Also, though my home will not yet be what I one day hope for, wheels are turning as I begin planning fun and events and discovering small town activities for the upcoming Equinox and Samhain. I've already decided that a pumpkin carving party is in order, with maybe a little bobbing for apples and ghost stories by the bonfire. A Dumb Supper would also be a great tribute to those strong souls of the past, associated with this property established circa 1718. I'm certain they would simply adore a good meal after such a long time. Who knows? Maybe a Hallows Eve movie night is in order! A little Hocus Pocus? Some Witches of Eastwick? Perhaps a bit of Practical Magic?
We shall see. And so shall thee.


  1. sounds like you are ready to make that little house a home! good luck with all the projects along the way, and I hope to see things in person, as well as on 'film'!

  2. Ah, now you can breath. Oh a pumpkin carving party sounds like so much fun! Give us the details please. I love planning out those sort of things.

  3. Details of the plans will be posted, as well as results and pictures! It'll be my first Mabon/Samhain season-long celebration; I might be a bit sketchy on how to pull it off. However, I'm certain we'll all have a grand time anyway! *^_^*


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