Friday, September 18, 2009


They came in yesterday! When I say that they "came in," I mean that the pumpkin delivery truck arrived and we happily unloaded those lovely, bright orange signs of Fall out onto the open strip of farmland. Apparently, the farm on which I work grew pumpkins one year. However, being a "Pick Your Own" farm had disastrous results. People, I suppose, can't control their children once they set foot on a farm, and so the vines were all destroyed. That being the case, the owners decided it best to buy the plump darlings in and set them up in the fallow fields to look like a pumpkin patch without the prickly viney-ness of a true patch. It's a big hit every year, though.
Their arrival only makes planning my Pumpkin Carving Party all the more exciting
And nerve wracking, as I still have yet to chose a date, plan extra activities and figure out nibblin's and libations!
Don't even talk to me about my guest list! They'll all need to know asap, too so they can either get off of work, or avoid other plans.
I'm thinking of bobbing for apples or something. Maybe some Ghost in the the graveyard!!! Ooh! It's all so exciting...and hectic.


  1. I love pumpkins I can't wait till I start seeing them in stores. I know what you mean, about samhain being nerve wracking, my coven is expecting me to come up with the ritual here in a few days. So I need to get that all worked out.
    Well best fall wishes to you

  2. And to you, Aeshe! Your rituals always sound so lovely. Whatever you decide will be marvelous! *^_^*

  3. Thanks! I hope so!
    And by the way I have given you a blog award!

  4. I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.


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