Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being Single

Being single means:
  • Setting your alarm to whatever song you want, as loud as you want to get you ready for the day. Blast "It's Rainin' Men," girlfriend!
  • Sleeping in on your days off. You won't be waking up shivering because someone stole the blankets or in hogging the mattress.
  • Preparing every meal without someone getting in your way/you getting in someone's way.
  • Baking cookies because you feel like it.
  • Eating the majority of the dough because it tastes better before it's baked.
  • Having those cookies all to yourself! (And not feeling like you have to beat yourself up later because you don't think you'll look good for your significant other!)
  • Eating healthy/being a vegetarian/vegan without having someone complain that there's nothing worth eating in the house.
  • Watching what you want, when you want.
  • Listening to want you want, when you want, as loud or as quiet as you want.
  • Sitting in complete and utter silence when and wherever you want!
  • Decorating however you want.
  • Wearing perfume or burning incense without having to worry about someone's allergies.
  • Only having to pick up after yourself!
  • Only having to make room for your stuff.
  • Going to bed when you want without the disappointment of going to bed without your significant other or upsetting them because you're staying up later.
  • Teaching yourself to be independent and resourceful.
  • Learning who you are and loving yourself just as you are.
To all the singletons out there! *^_^* Cheers!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wax Readings

What do you suppose is the deal with my candles and their drippings? I found this "Hermit" on my floor the other day under one of my evening burnings. Luckily, my floor is peal and stick tile, so nothing seems to stick to it! At the time, he told me that I was spending too much time alone.

Before the Hermit, my cat alter was hiding this lovely wax feline silhouette! How strange, yet what a darling gift from Bast! *^_^* When I found her, she reminded me of my feminine wiles and ability to land on my feet while playing life's balancing act.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Promises, promises

Here, dear friends, are some photos of my "new" sofa and my two chairs. As you can see, my living room is, shall we say, cozy. Not much room for a large group of people, but just the right space for one and to have tea with the ladies once in a while. The striped chair was found and bought locally from someone who had posted on Craigslist. The fleur de lis chair was free from Anam Cara (and thank goodness! It's so comfy!).

The sofa was supposed to be fifty (also found on Craigslist), but when I got there and started to hand him sixty, asking if he had two tens for a twenty, he told me that he'd take forty! What a steal!

Apologies for the mess in the pictures. I'm still finding places for everything. And, yes, those are socks stuffed into the walls, for now. Some Winter winds are stronger than I'd like. All holes and drywall spots will be patched up this Spring.
I was going to go with a "faerie tale witch cottage" theme for the living room area. Now, though, I'm thinking that it will be easier, and possibly more satisfying to stick with a mild "Victorian" theme. No wallpaper, but some tasteful accents. Once the loft is ready to become my bedroom (and yes, I will take pictures of renovation projects), all of my otaku stuff will go there, while my witch accessories will assemble in my "extra room" until the wall separating it from the living room is knocked down.

There are a few spots on the sofa. But,
What can one expect from an antique
piece? I'm thrilled at it's condition.

A bit of unrelated news, I have some
new videos up on my YouTube page.
Feel free to check them out! *^_^*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Victorian Witch

Keeping up with the spirit of things, I decided to google the phrase "Victorian American Witches." To my delight and astonishment, pages upon pages of articles were laid before me. No search engine is infallible, though, so some articles were not even remotely pertinent. However, the eighth article down on the first page gave me a short essay on the precise, generalized "history" of the practice and survival of American witchcraft in the Victorian Era.

"But Witchcraft did exist, and it can be said that it perhaps recovered due to this revision of thought. If industrialization never occurred, accusations of Witchcraft may have persisted. The fact that Victorians forgot about magic, black magic, Witchcraft, and “the devil” were beneficial to the Witchcraft revival of the 1900s. The modern magician or nature reverer may regularly consider industrialization a very bad thing, a curse upon the Earth and upon our way of life. But had science not triumphed, it is unlikely that there would be modern magicians and nature reverers of any kind whatsoever.
"Therefore, the Victorian age is not only important to world history, but can be considered an important part of our spiritual history as well.

Why is this particular time period in witchcraft of interest? Well, even if you only peruse my posts (I know, they are very lengthy), you will know that I have recently "joined" a loosely-structured anachronistic group here in New England. It is but a fledgling, now, but it will be great fun! The genres, as I have stated, are Victorian, Steampunk and Gothic Lolita. I have been told that Regency will also be accepted, as well Edwardian.
In all of the years back in grade school that I had written research papers on the "history" of witchcraft, never did I proceed past the very early American years; the "Burning Times" as they were called in Europe. Each year, I gained such a wealth of knowledge that I didn't even think to go on into the following centuries. Sure, I would mention the silliness of Hollywood and the remaining supposition by outsiders that we are Satan worshipers. But, when I think on it, I merely skipped over nearly 350 years! (Let's do a little math. I began writing my amateur, Pagan history papers when I was 14; in 1997. My Freshman and Sophomore years of high school would bring these pursuits to an end, as I had not the opportunity to continue in following history courses. The time span of the papers ranged from very early man, to the end of the Burning Times (1550-1650.) (As quoted below.)

"Although alleged witches were burned alive or hung over a five century interval -- from the 14th to the 18th century -- the vast majority were tried from 1550 to 1650."

Seeing as I hopped right up to Hollywood (an obsession I've had since early childhood), this left a 347 year gap in witchcraft history. So, in finding this article, though I plan to do some more research myself, I have realized that the Victorian era is even more comfortable for me than originally thought. I had assumed, as many witches in a Christian-dominated world that I would really have to hide my love of spirituality and nature. Then again, thinking of it just now, there was the Bohemian movement and the Victorians' version of "free love." I am far from being a Luddite, and who wants to live in poverty (though I know they did it as a statement)? Not I, but the right idea is there, and they were probably a spiritual crowd. I assume they may have been into Buddhism and Hinduism. Certainly, they may have had interests on Theosophy!
My point is: Yea! There is something else our group can do; seances, tarot readings and outings to Salem! No, but really my point is that I have a lot of research to do and am relieved to know that my spiritual set won't make immersing myself into the group difficult in any way.
That makes me happy.
Oh, yeah! I keep forgetting to tell and post pictures of my "new" sofa! Pictures will come, but I must tell you that it is perfect! The fellow who sold it to me said that his Antique Appraiser freind dated it from the 1920's. However, looking at the shape and style of her, I'd say more late-1800's to 1910's. The velvet is faded, as is expected, but maintains a lovely yellowed sage. Peeking out of the creases where the sun never touched lurks a gorgeous clay-blue with tones of seafoam green. Describing her does no justice. I shall simply have to charge my camera battery and upload some action shots! *~_^*
Also, lucky me, I ventured out to Jo-Ann Fabric yesterday with the intention of buying this pattern. Eventually, sooner rather than later, I will construct the ladies duster and post pictures, too. I knew that the President's Day sale was ending yesterday, and I had some coupons that I thought I'd use if I found anything else I'd like. I didn't end up buying material or anything, so I didn't use them. I digress, I didn't know, however, that the sale extended to patterns. Now, usually, their sales on patterns are pretty good. I bought this little beauty a week or so ago with the intention of making some nice Summer dresses. Half off! Very nice. How could I pass that up? So, imagine my surprise when I saw signs everywhere for Simplicity Patterns "5 for $5!" That's right; I bought that $17.95 pattern for $1.06. How providential! *^_^*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Follow Up

As witches, we generally tend to have a box full of ideas. They may be passed down through the ages from one generation of witches to the next. They may be thoughts and beliefs that have been transfigured in the alchemy that is the ever-changing spiritual thought. Whatever the case may be, my stash is brightly labeled "Sneaking Suspicions."
In the previous post, I asked for your opinions on the nature of imaginations and the creation and subsequent contemplation of our fantasies. Responses agreed that, until said fantasies creep into daily life and hinder our ability to function as a normal human being in society, they are simple, everyday responses to worldly stimuli. Sometimes, though quite taken by our ideas, we do need to give ourselves a reality check and regain our bearings (i.e.: Who am I? Where am I? What do I do for fun? What do I most admire about my life and myself? What am I lacking in my daily life that keeps me going back to daydreams for more?) Answer these questions, and you might pinpoint the quandary from which you block yourself behind walls of smoke and mirrors. In finding the inner quarrel, you can locate the mirrors, take them down and empty the dry ice from the smoke machine. (Metaphor for the film industry and its hold on us? Anyone?) Hooray! Now, daydreams, because you have discovered and claimed the life you truly want, are few and far between. Good ideas, everyone! Thanks for your help!
"But you haven't gotten to the follow up question, yet."
No. No I don't suppose I have, have I? Let's revisit that box of "Sneaking Suspicions." One of mine (to which you witches might share a match in your treasure trove of thought) is travel in astral space. That, in and of itself is not the point at which I wonder. We know that astral space exists. Those of us that have done some out of body travel can attest to have flown through and received divine missions and messages, or simply enjoyed the view and went along our merry way. Regardless, unless you have journeyed midday, many travelers do so at night. More specifically, once in REM, we "dream" to have flown, gone to certain places (planets even) that we have never been. Perhaps, you recognize the place, but it wasn't from this lifetime. This point is moot. We have seen things, gone places and met people/creatures/objects that have stuck with us in the waking moments the following morning.
If you are not an experienced traveler, or are not sure whether what you saw was a dream, ask yourself these three questions:
~Did I go to bed at a decent hour?
~Did I sleep peacefully or restlessly(woke up throughout the night/tossed or turned all night)?
~Was I still tired when I woke, even though I slept in/woke before my alarm/woke naturally?
That last one is the key. If you went to bed before you were exhausted, slept well but were still tired in the morning, chances are, you journeyed through the astral realms. If you don't recall what you did, said or were, it's okay. As you become more acquainted with astral travel, it will gradually stick with you for longer periods of time. Eventually, you'll even be able to write most of the journey down to refer to later and analyze.
None of any of your journeys are pointless, worthless or trite. This is so important to remember! Even if you don't feel as if you've accomplished anything on the astral planes, just being the soul that you are is a lesson in itself. Don't undermine what your spirit is asking of you. It's never too small (or too large) a task. You'll never be asked to do anything below or above what you can do.
"So...the question, then?"
Right! Sorry. My follow up is really, quite simple; now that we've gone through all of the basic astral projection/journeying stuff. When you project, whether on purpose or as a side effect of deep relaxation and meditation, do you find the object of your recent fantasies hanging around? Celebrities acting on your behalf or just "kickin' it witch-u," objects thought lost or even forgotten just within your grasp, places you feel comfortable but have never explored in this life (i.e.: a castle in Ireland when you've never even set foot outside of Hicksville, USA)?
Secondary thoughts first.
~Is that object symbolic of something/someone you thought gone from your life, only to find that opening your eyes would show you where they are? Or is it an actual object of importance to you? Is it calling you?
~Is that castle your home in a past life? (That's a pretty simple one. There may be deeper meaning to the location switch in our journeys. To be discovered by oneself, I think.)
Primary thought and, finally!, the follow up query.
~Are those celebrities projecting, too? Are we lucky enough to be on the same plane at the same time with them? Being pure ether in the other worlds, celebrity and drama don't exist. We aren't just fans, there. They aren't celebrities, there. We are all on the even keel. Perhaps the astral world is an escape for those of the bright, bulb-flashing land of Hollywood?
So, what do you think? Are these appearances of the "great ones" of our material, tangible world the ethereal manifestations on the astral level? Or is it all just more smoke and mirrors?
I am thoroughly curious as to what you believe, think and feel about the astral realms and the meetings of people on the other side of the world to us.
Thanks for reading! *^_^*

Saturday, February 13, 2010

An unusual question.

Eh, obsession seduces me so easily. Not so much to the point of writing letters (though there was that one time I wrote Alan Rickman asking him to my prom...and Jon from SClub7...)but definitely not stalking or threatening harm! I digress.
I know a few people who don't get into the whole "celebrity" scene as wildly as I. Understandable; they are just regular people like you and me who happened to have the "get up and go" mentality and chutzpah to make it in the industry. I don't have that. In fact, I don't think I even have chutzpah. So, my question to those of you that read my ramblings is simply this, as a 26-year-old woman with a bit going for her, is it strange that I still play out meticulously planned fantasies in my head? Fantasies about younger versions of actors which then morph into fantasies about the current versions of those same actors? :/ Even I, the author of these strange worlds in my head find it odd.
Do you have daydreams like these that, as a result of their detail and beauty, leak into your sleeping dreams? Do you think it's a bit weird that I do? Do I need to get out more often?
If I receive enough witch responses, I will post a followup question.
Well, a friend of mine is getting married tomorrow. Lucky for me that I'm not in a relationship, as it is Valentine's Day, and, if I had a boyfriend I certainly wouldn't be interested in spending the day focusing on someone else's love!
Is that greedy?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Because We Care!

Huzzah! The following email was found in my inbox recently. Read on, hope, pray and smile my friends. If you took action, thank you and good for you! If you didn't, it's okay. Life gets in our way sometimes, and we can always sign all of the petitions that need attention. This one got through and it's moving along! Don't worry, little (and large) marine animals, we're on our way to keep you safe!

Thanks for signing our petition to stop oil and gas drilling in the Arctic wilderness. It will show President Obama that people all across America are watching.

We have to do everything possible to stop Shell Oil from spewing thousands of tons of pollution along Alaska's pristine coast. I'm pleased to announce that the Center for Biological Diversity and Native Alaskan groups have just filed suit in federal court to stop Shell before it starts revving up the oil rigs.


Shell is rushing forward to get its oil rigs onto the ice as soon as possible because it knows that once the rigs are set up, it's nearly impossible to remove them. Federal wildlife agencies have not even finished assessing the impacts on endangered bowhead whales, polar bears, and seals, yet Shell has pressured the Minerals Management Service to approve its drilling plan.

Help us stop this short-sighted, destructive plan before it's too late.


It's not just wildlife at risk. The thousands-year-old subsistence way of life of Alaskan Native coastal communities is also threatened by Shell's industrialization of the Arctic.

The risks are far too great to rush oil drilling in the Arctic for the sake of Shell Oil profits.


KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Here's a recent news story about our suit. I'll keep you posted as it progresses:

Environmental, Native groups file suit over Chukchi drilling
by Christine Kim (KTUU)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Several environmental and Alaska Native groups have filed a lawsuit against the Minerals Management Service over the MMS approving Shell Oil's permit to drill in the Chukchi Sea next summer.

The Center for Biological Diversity says the plan doesn't comply with environmental laws and was approved without analyzing the potential impacts to the sea.

But Shell says it believes the MMS was thorough in its assessment of the plans, which the company says incorporated the concerns of the North Slope…

"Right now we don't have enough information to know the impacts of their activities on the ecosystem and on the marine mammals there so we know not now. As for the future it depends on what we find but we still need to do a lot more research about what's out there," said Rebecca Noblin with the Center for Biological Diversity.

A challenge to the approval of Shell's plans to drill in the Beaufort Sea was also filed in December.

All of the spots where I inserted ellipses are were the email was soliciting for donations. I think it is a valid request. However, I think it best to provide a link to the organization's website so that, should you decide that your are able and willing to donate, you can.

Here you go, guys!

Go get 'em! And thanks.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Otters need our help, too!

I recieved the following email just now. Please read and, for the love of the Earth TAKE ACTION! When I signed and submitted my signature to the petition, they still needed 13,000 signatures. Please help the oceans and all life within and without that depend on it staying oil free. Thank you.

Big Oil has our coasts in its crosshairs, and that could mean oily otters and other marine wildlife and befouled beaches along America’s coasts.

Offshore drilling proposals now being advanced in places like Florida, California and Virginia threaten marine wildlife and local economies that depend on clean, healthy beaches. And President Obama called for more offshore drilling in his State of the Union Address last month.

Tell President Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force that you support responsible management of our ocean resources and OPPOSE offshore drilling that could threaten America’s vital coastal ecosystems.

Members of President Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force are charged with ensuring responsible stewardship of our oceans, so we must make the dangers of offshore drilling and irresponsible development clear to them.

The task force is only accepting comments from the public until this Friday, so please sign our petition today.

Offshore oil spills could threaten sea otters, threatened and endangered sea turtles, a variety of marine birds and other wildlife with extinction.

Just last year, a drilling rig off the coast of Australia created an oil spill that stretched more than 250 miles and covered thousands of square miles of ocean with oil slicks -- exposing dolphins, birds and other wildlife to poisonous petroleum with disastrous impacts on the area’s sensitive marine ecosystems.

If such a spill were to occur off the coast of California, threatened southern sea otters could be doomed to extinction. Likewise, a spill off Florida’s coasts could decimate the beach habitat that threatened and endangered sea turtles need to survive.

New offshore drilling activities and infrastructure could also hasten the extinction of American’s threatened polar bears and endangered bowhead whales.

Planned drilling by Shell would put a 514-foot-long drill ship and an armada of support vessels in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea -- a vital hunting area for polar bears and key migratory route for bowhead whales. The noise and disturbance caused by such activities could disrupt whale migration and make the search for food even more difficult for polar bears that are already losing the sea ice they need to hunt and survive.

Help protect our ocean wildlife. Sign our petition and urge Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force to prioritize good science and wildlife protection as it decides how our coastal resources will be managed.

Unfortunately, overfishing, pollution, climate change and other threats have pushed our ocean resources to the brink. Without careful planning, we could lose some of our most treasured marine wildlife and risk the many benefits that come with clean, sustainable oceans.

Please take a moment right now to sign our petition to Obama’s Ocean Policy Task Force.

Our oceans stand at a crossroads, and we have a choice: responsible, science-based management of these precious places OR oily otters and other wildlife and industrialized oceans.

It’s up to us to make our voices heard and ensure that the Obama administration makes the right choice for future generations. Please take action today.

With Gratitude,
Richard Charter, California Team Member at Defenders of Wildlife Richard Charter
Senior Policy Advisor, Marine Programs
Defenders of Wildlife

Who'd Have Guessed It?

Certainly not I!
Some backstory. Last Winter, I was bored. Sure! there were plenty of things for me to do, but i was bored like a kid home from school for Summer vacation. What I threw myself into for a few months, was the idea of dressing up in Victorian/Steampunk/Lolita costume and parading around with like minded folk. Folk like my mind are few and far between, I've found. So, I attempted to begin a Steampunk group. About three people were interested, two were involved with the concept from the beginning, and one had a million and one resources!
I tired of it. Not the aesthetic, mind you, just the non-involvement of some people and the probability of my having to drive many miles for every meeting, most likely at night, to a place to which I very rarely ever venture. Not my cup o tea. While it would have been enjoyable to get together with these fine people, they didn't seem as interested in the facet that I hold near and dear to my heart: costumed finery and holding salon. Granted, creating group projects and getting together to modify electrics and costumes would have been a blast. But my boredom craved that which this groupe was not going to give me. So, we all agreed to wait until we no longer had too many items on our plates. Then, slowly, weeks turned to months, months have become a year, and I have not heard one more word about meeting up again.
Not so sad as it sounds, really.
Last night, though, I found a newly forming group on Craigslist. All I did was type in "reenactment" in the community search, et voila! There, I spied two listing within the past couple of months! When I say "newly formed," I truly mean it! The listing were calling on Victorian, Steampunk and Lolita enthusiasts, specifically! How perfect! The author went on to say that the main idea of the group is to have an excuse to dress up and get together. Some people are a bit more regimented in the reenactment facet, but it is not a requirement, nor is the creation of a persona (like the SCA; a different time period altogether.)
Well! I immediately contacted the leader and expressed interest. Though their message boards are primarily on Facebook (a network I choose not to join), he said that he would keep me posted as to the where, what, when aspect of gatherings. He's also open to ideas for excursions, gatherings, etc.
My excitement is still with me. I can only hope it is here to stay! How wonderful that it includes the Lolita culture as well! It's historic fan meets otaku rolled into one neat, little package.
Who could ask for more?

Friday, February 5, 2010

They keep fighting; so shall we!

Planned Parenthood, thanks to its tireless efforts to do their best to keep all, American women's rights to choose what we will do with our own bodies (thank you very much!), has sent me another email regarding yet another attack on our right to choose. This time, it mentions an anti-choice ad to be featured on Super Bowl Sunday. The ironic twist to this commercial is the situation used. Tim Tebow's (a football player, I guess...) mother chose to keep her child, given all of the risks and possibilities (positive and negative.) Women should continue to have this right to decide. If you agree, read on! If not, well, you shouldn't really be one of my followers, should you?

The Tebow Super Bowl ad has generated a lot of attention, and a lot of controversy. Help us keep the focus where it should be — on the importance of women making their own personal medical decisions.

Everyone's talking about the Super Bowl ad with Tim Tebow's mom describing her decision to continue her pregnancy despite serious risks.

I stand with Planned Parenthood in respecting every woman — including Mrs. Tebow — to make important personal medical decisions for herself.

I signed my name to Planned Parenthood's statement about the ad, and I hope you'll join me:
Now, do something! Make a difference! One little voice is just that until you add it to the choir!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A View into the World of an American Otaku.

(FYI: Since my links aren't as obvious as I would like them to be, I will tell you which words to click on the clarify and demystify this post. They are, in this order: "anime," "otaku," "cosplaying," "con," "Hynes Convention Center," "prostitute," "ninja," "little girl," "demon." Click on those links when you get to their parts of the story, and you shall be enlightened. Enjoy! *^_^*)

I jump for joy!
Really? You can't just be happy for me; you need to ask me why I'm thrilled?
Being this time of year, those so very near and dear to me know exactly why I can do naught but squeal with glee. Those of you that have been diligently reading, even though I have not been true to my witching post, know by now my deep and utter passion for Japanese anime (among other otaku culture bits.) This, coupled with my bizarre love of bill-paying and getting my yearly taxes done immediately has called forth from my rainbow-colored depths the "SQUEE!" heard round the world.
Okay, so, if you still don't get it, I'll put it all into terms everyone can grasp: I have just booked a hotel room for my (newly) cosplaying sister, possibly her boyf and me! Why is this so exciting? Well, friend, booking a room in downtown Boston for an affordable price, let alone one only two months away from the con is a feat. I thought I had a great rate in Lechmere; mere seconds from the T stop at the end of the Green Line. We'd have ridden that baby right into the Hynes Convention Center stop. Ninety dollars a night is a steal that close to downtown Boston. So, having gotten my tax return already, after buying real mucking boots for work (that will last much longer than a new pair of sneakers every other month!), I went online to book the Lechmere room. It had gone up forty dollars more a night than it was when I had originally found it!!!
Uh-uh. No way! New search for another hotel.
Holiday Inns/Holiday Inn Expresses have been my go-to hotels for con-going (the few that I've attended.) The service is always very accommodating, you get a free "breakfast" and the rooms are clean and comfortable. (Not to mention the fact that you get more joyfully amused looks than those of quizzical concern when you walk out of the elevator looking like a prostitute, ninja, little girl or demon of some sort.) What I found yesterday was a disaster! I panicked a little; I'm not gonna lie. What was I supposed to do? For the rate we would have gotten, we'd now be reduced to a hole in the wall in a bad neighborhood. And I wasn't about to let that happen. Luckily, I came across a site called "Yelp," or something along that line. Someone had posted that she was coming to the Brookline area and was looking for a decent, affordable hotel. Thank goodness! I searched a few that had been recommended, then, when I thought I should just give up and deal with a more expensive rate, someone on the thread suggested Trip Advisor. I thought, "What the heck? I'll give it a shot."
Among others, the Boston Hilton in Back Bay was listed. This is directly across the street from the Hynes Convention Center: the location of Anime Boston. The first, and least expensive room on the list for at least two competitors was eighty-nine dollars a night.
The Hilton.
For $89.00 a night!
This was too good to be true. Or so I thought. I had heard somewhere that hotels will sometimes offer you great deals if you call them directly and book over the phone. I have also heard that, should you find a good deal online, and mention it to the booking agent, they will sometimes match it or do one better. The helpful, kind lady (Erin) that I spoke to said that she couldn't vouch for the competing sites on the travel website, but that she could tell me the advance purchase rates the actual hotel offers. That eighty-nine dollars was right on. For two people, a room with two double beds would be eighty-nine dollars. For three, just in case sis's boyfriend is able to come along: one hundred-nine dollars a night.
That's right. The Hilton, one of the most expensive, lovely hotels in the world; across the street from our destination; in the heart of Boston is only $109.00/night.
So I booked it. How could I not?! That is far better than I could have imagined or hoped to get as we get down to the wire. Now, sis and I (and her boyf, too, if he's able) will be able to dash around and do all of the really fun stuff we wanted to do two years ago, but couldn't because our hotel room was too far away, and the back-and-forth of it all was exhausting.
Thank you so much Universe!!!!

In witchy news, did you see that Wolf Moon the other night?! She was beaming for an entire week! Her brightness shone like a cool, blue street-lamp; illuminating all that was not hidden in deepest shadow.

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