Sunday, February 14, 2010

Follow Up

As witches, we generally tend to have a box full of ideas. They may be passed down through the ages from one generation of witches to the next. They may be thoughts and beliefs that have been transfigured in the alchemy that is the ever-changing spiritual thought. Whatever the case may be, my stash is brightly labeled "Sneaking Suspicions."
In the previous post, I asked for your opinions on the nature of imaginations and the creation and subsequent contemplation of our fantasies. Responses agreed that, until said fantasies creep into daily life and hinder our ability to function as a normal human being in society, they are simple, everyday responses to worldly stimuli. Sometimes, though quite taken by our ideas, we do need to give ourselves a reality check and regain our bearings (i.e.: Who am I? Where am I? What do I do for fun? What do I most admire about my life and myself? What am I lacking in my daily life that keeps me going back to daydreams for more?) Answer these questions, and you might pinpoint the quandary from which you block yourself behind walls of smoke and mirrors. In finding the inner quarrel, you can locate the mirrors, take them down and empty the dry ice from the smoke machine. (Metaphor for the film industry and its hold on us? Anyone?) Hooray! Now, daydreams, because you have discovered and claimed the life you truly want, are few and far between. Good ideas, everyone! Thanks for your help!
"But you haven't gotten to the follow up question, yet."
No. No I don't suppose I have, have I? Let's revisit that box of "Sneaking Suspicions." One of mine (to which you witches might share a match in your treasure trove of thought) is travel in astral space. That, in and of itself is not the point at which I wonder. We know that astral space exists. Those of us that have done some out of body travel can attest to have flown through and received divine missions and messages, or simply enjoyed the view and went along our merry way. Regardless, unless you have journeyed midday, many travelers do so at night. More specifically, once in REM, we "dream" to have flown, gone to certain places (planets even) that we have never been. Perhaps, you recognize the place, but it wasn't from this lifetime. This point is moot. We have seen things, gone places and met people/creatures/objects that have stuck with us in the waking moments the following morning.
If you are not an experienced traveler, or are not sure whether what you saw was a dream, ask yourself these three questions:
~Did I go to bed at a decent hour?
~Did I sleep peacefully or restlessly(woke up throughout the night/tossed or turned all night)?
~Was I still tired when I woke, even though I slept in/woke before my alarm/woke naturally?
That last one is the key. If you went to bed before you were exhausted, slept well but were still tired in the morning, chances are, you journeyed through the astral realms. If you don't recall what you did, said or were, it's okay. As you become more acquainted with astral travel, it will gradually stick with you for longer periods of time. Eventually, you'll even be able to write most of the journey down to refer to later and analyze.
None of any of your journeys are pointless, worthless or trite. This is so important to remember! Even if you don't feel as if you've accomplished anything on the astral planes, just being the soul that you are is a lesson in itself. Don't undermine what your spirit is asking of you. It's never too small (or too large) a task. You'll never be asked to do anything below or above what you can do.
"So...the question, then?"
Right! Sorry. My follow up is really, quite simple; now that we've gone through all of the basic astral projection/journeying stuff. When you project, whether on purpose or as a side effect of deep relaxation and meditation, do you find the object of your recent fantasies hanging around? Celebrities acting on your behalf or just "kickin' it witch-u," objects thought lost or even forgotten just within your grasp, places you feel comfortable but have never explored in this life (i.e.: a castle in Ireland when you've never even set foot outside of Hicksville, USA)?
Secondary thoughts first.
~Is that object symbolic of something/someone you thought gone from your life, only to find that opening your eyes would show you where they are? Or is it an actual object of importance to you? Is it calling you?
~Is that castle your home in a past life? (That's a pretty simple one. There may be deeper meaning to the location switch in our journeys. To be discovered by oneself, I think.)
Primary thought and, finally!, the follow up query.
~Are those celebrities projecting, too? Are we lucky enough to be on the same plane at the same time with them? Being pure ether in the other worlds, celebrity and drama don't exist. We aren't just fans, there. They aren't celebrities, there. We are all on the even keel. Perhaps the astral world is an escape for those of the bright, bulb-flashing land of Hollywood?
So, what do you think? Are these appearances of the "great ones" of our material, tangible world the ethereal manifestations on the astral level? Or is it all just more smoke and mirrors?
I am thoroughly curious as to what you believe, think and feel about the astral realms and the meetings of people on the other side of the world to us.
Thanks for reading! *^_^*

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  1. Hmmm...I enjoy my sleep & typically wake up refreshed. My dreams that seem more true & meaningful are populated by people that I know or love, but they NEVER look quite like the same people. But I know them. In my dozy, wakeup time morning dreams, people look exactly like themselves. But these dreams are usually just mundane rehearsals of stuff that has happened or is going to magic. What this all means? I dunno!! :)


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