Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A View into the World of an American Otaku.

(FYI: Since my links aren't as obvious as I would like them to be, I will tell you which words to click on the clarify and demystify this post. They are, in this order: "anime," "otaku," "cosplaying," "con," "Hynes Convention Center," "prostitute," "ninja," "little girl," "demon." Click on those links when you get to their parts of the story, and you shall be enlightened. Enjoy! *^_^*)

I jump for joy!
Really? You can't just be happy for me; you need to ask me why I'm thrilled?
Being this time of year, those so very near and dear to me know exactly why I can do naught but squeal with glee. Those of you that have been diligently reading, even though I have not been true to my witching post, know by now my deep and utter passion for Japanese anime (among other otaku culture bits.) This, coupled with my bizarre love of bill-paying and getting my yearly taxes done immediately has called forth from my rainbow-colored depths the "SQUEE!" heard round the world.
Okay, so, if you still don't get it, I'll put it all into terms everyone can grasp: I have just booked a hotel room for my (newly) cosplaying sister, possibly her boyf and me! Why is this so exciting? Well, friend, booking a room in downtown Boston for an affordable price, let alone one only two months away from the con is a feat. I thought I had a great rate in Lechmere; mere seconds from the T stop at the end of the Green Line. We'd have ridden that baby right into the Hynes Convention Center stop. Ninety dollars a night is a steal that close to downtown Boston. So, having gotten my tax return already, after buying real mucking boots for work (that will last much longer than a new pair of sneakers every other month!), I went online to book the Lechmere room. It had gone up forty dollars more a night than it was when I had originally found it!!!
Uh-uh. No way! New search for another hotel.
Holiday Inns/Holiday Inn Expresses have been my go-to hotels for con-going (the few that I've attended.) The service is always very accommodating, you get a free "breakfast" and the rooms are clean and comfortable. (Not to mention the fact that you get more joyfully amused looks than those of quizzical concern when you walk out of the elevator looking like a prostitute, ninja, little girl or demon of some sort.) What I found yesterday was a disaster! I panicked a little; I'm not gonna lie. What was I supposed to do? For the rate we would have gotten, we'd now be reduced to a hole in the wall in a bad neighborhood. And I wasn't about to let that happen. Luckily, I came across a site called "Yelp," or something along that line. Someone had posted that she was coming to the Brookline area and was looking for a decent, affordable hotel. Thank goodness! I searched a few that had been recommended, then, when I thought I should just give up and deal with a more expensive rate, someone on the thread suggested Trip Advisor. I thought, "What the heck? I'll give it a shot."
Among others, the Boston Hilton in Back Bay was listed. This is directly across the street from the Hynes Convention Center: the location of Anime Boston. The first, and least expensive room on the list for at least two competitors was eighty-nine dollars a night.
The Hilton.
For $89.00 a night!
This was too good to be true. Or so I thought. I had heard somewhere that hotels will sometimes offer you great deals if you call them directly and book over the phone. I have also heard that, should you find a good deal online, and mention it to the booking agent, they will sometimes match it or do one better. The helpful, kind lady (Erin) that I spoke to said that she couldn't vouch for the competing sites on the travel website, but that she could tell me the advance purchase rates the actual hotel offers. That eighty-nine dollars was right on. For two people, a room with two double beds would be eighty-nine dollars. For three, just in case sis's boyfriend is able to come along: one hundred-nine dollars a night.
That's right. The Hilton, one of the most expensive, lovely hotels in the world; across the street from our destination; in the heart of Boston is only $109.00/night.
So I booked it. How could I not?! That is far better than I could have imagined or hoped to get as we get down to the wire. Now, sis and I (and her boyf, too, if he's able) will be able to dash around and do all of the really fun stuff we wanted to do two years ago, but couldn't because our hotel room was too far away, and the back-and-forth of it all was exhausting.
Thank you so much Universe!!!!

In witchy news, did you see that Wolf Moon the other night?! She was beaming for an entire week! Her brightness shone like a cool, blue street-lamp; illuminating all that was not hidden in deepest shadow.

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