Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who'd Have Guessed It?

Certainly not I!
Some backstory. Last Winter, I was bored. Sure! there were plenty of things for me to do, but i was bored like a kid home from school for Summer vacation. What I threw myself into for a few months, was the idea of dressing up in Victorian/Steampunk/Lolita costume and parading around with like minded folk. Folk like my mind are few and far between, I've found. So, I attempted to begin a Steampunk group. About three people were interested, two were involved with the concept from the beginning, and one had a million and one resources!
I tired of it. Not the aesthetic, mind you, just the non-involvement of some people and the probability of my having to drive many miles for every meeting, most likely at night, to a place to which I very rarely ever venture. Not my cup o tea. While it would have been enjoyable to get together with these fine people, they didn't seem as interested in the facet that I hold near and dear to my heart: costumed finery and holding salon. Granted, creating group projects and getting together to modify electrics and costumes would have been a blast. But my boredom craved that which this groupe was not going to give me. So, we all agreed to wait until we no longer had too many items on our plates. Then, slowly, weeks turned to months, months have become a year, and I have not heard one more word about meeting up again.
Not so sad as it sounds, really.
Last night, though, I found a newly forming group on Craigslist. All I did was type in "reenactment" in the community search, et voila! There, I spied two listing within the past couple of months! When I say "newly formed," I truly mean it! The listing were calling on Victorian, Steampunk and Lolita enthusiasts, specifically! How perfect! The author went on to say that the main idea of the group is to have an excuse to dress up and get together. Some people are a bit more regimented in the reenactment facet, but it is not a requirement, nor is the creation of a persona (like the SCA; a different time period altogether.)
Well! I immediately contacted the leader and expressed interest. Though their message boards are primarily on Facebook (a network I choose not to join), he said that he would keep me posted as to the where, what, when aspect of gatherings. He's also open to ideas for excursions, gatherings, etc.
My excitement is still with me. I can only hope it is here to stay! How wonderful that it includes the Lolita culture as well! It's historic fan meets otaku rolled into one neat, little package.
Who could ask for more?


  1. Very fun! Hope you find this group to be more to your liking. :)

  2. Me, too! :P Updates will come as I get involved.


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