Monday, February 22, 2010

Promises, promises

Here, dear friends, are some photos of my "new" sofa and my two chairs. As you can see, my living room is, shall we say, cozy. Not much room for a large group of people, but just the right space for one and to have tea with the ladies once in a while. The striped chair was found and bought locally from someone who had posted on Craigslist. The fleur de lis chair was free from Anam Cara (and thank goodness! It's so comfy!).

The sofa was supposed to be fifty (also found on Craigslist), but when I got there and started to hand him sixty, asking if he had two tens for a twenty, he told me that he'd take forty! What a steal!

Apologies for the mess in the pictures. I'm still finding places for everything. And, yes, those are socks stuffed into the walls, for now. Some Winter winds are stronger than I'd like. All holes and drywall spots will be patched up this Spring.
I was going to go with a "faerie tale witch cottage" theme for the living room area. Now, though, I'm thinking that it will be easier, and possibly more satisfying to stick with a mild "Victorian" theme. No wallpaper, but some tasteful accents. Once the loft is ready to become my bedroom (and yes, I will take pictures of renovation projects), all of my otaku stuff will go there, while my witch accessories will assemble in my "extra room" until the wall separating it from the living room is knocked down.

There are a few spots on the sofa. But,
What can one expect from an antique
piece? I'm thrilled at it's condition.

A bit of unrelated news, I have some
new videos up on my YouTube page.
Feel free to check them out! *^_^*


  1. I adore my furniture!!! It suits me and tiny, little Witch Cottage. *^_^*

  2. I love your sofa! Do you sit there and do work/play/blogging? I see a laptop. :)

  3. Yeah. *^_^* It's my preferred seat when I'm online or practicing my flute. (It's right across from my "fireplace.")

  4. cute furniture! maybe you could find some old tapesties(or rugs) to hang on the wall. pretty and draft-blocking.

  5. Renee that couch is adorable!! What a great piece! I wanted to stop by and thank you so very much for your insight on my very strange dream. LOL! Your insight definitely made sense as it relates to my real life. *sigh* I need to really face some of my fears, I'm afraid (no pun intended).

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


  6. Sage~I really lucked out with that one. *^_^*
    No problem with the interpretation! I am always glad to help. Though I sometimes think my dream interpretations are less than spectacular, I have been told numerous times that my ESP is extraordinary, if a bit underdeveloped. I'm happy it made sense to you and hope it helps in the journey.

  7. It's all really beautiful! What steals!

  8. You're not kidding! The Universe really blessed me. *^_^* All I had to do was hold out for what I really wanted. Ah! The power we all wield when we use it properly.


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