Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being Single

Being single means:
  • Setting your alarm to whatever song you want, as loud as you want to get you ready for the day. Blast "It's Rainin' Men," girlfriend!
  • Sleeping in on your days off. You won't be waking up shivering because someone stole the blankets or in hogging the mattress.
  • Preparing every meal without someone getting in your way/you getting in someone's way.
  • Baking cookies because you feel like it.
  • Eating the majority of the dough because it tastes better before it's baked.
  • Having those cookies all to yourself! (And not feeling like you have to beat yourself up later because you don't think you'll look good for your significant other!)
  • Eating healthy/being a vegetarian/vegan without having someone complain that there's nothing worth eating in the house.
  • Watching what you want, when you want.
  • Listening to want you want, when you want, as loud or as quiet as you want.
  • Sitting in complete and utter silence when and wherever you want!
  • Decorating however you want.
  • Wearing perfume or burning incense without having to worry about someone's allergies.
  • Only having to pick up after yourself!
  • Only having to make room for your stuff.
  • Going to bed when you want without the disappointment of going to bed without your significant other or upsetting them because you're staying up later.
  • Teaching yourself to be independent and resourceful.
  • Learning who you are and loving yourself just as you are.
To all the singletons out there! *^_^* Cheers!


  1. Cheers to you my friend.

    Being single isn't as bad as I remembered it was. So thank you for reminding me of some of the great reasons there are for being single.

  2. If you get the right type of significant other, some of these don't apply. You gotta watch that getting married business, though, it seems to make things go downhill. Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter may have it right. They have conjoined houses, his & hers. I think this may be the way to have a self & a marriage at the same time!!

    And go get in my give-away! :)

  3. Anastasia~I needed a little pick up myself. SO I figured other singles might too; especially this time of year!
    Wizardess~It the interim that gets to some of us, though. :/ I agree; sounds like they're doing it right!

  4. I LOVED being single, but i think a lot of the girls who 'hate being single' are just too focused on 'societies rules' about being married by certain age or disappointing their mothers, and so it's actually the 'looking for a husband' that they hate...not 'being single'!
    However, Anastasia is right...the right guy can be the differnce. Most days I am reading from your list. in fact, i just made a tiny batch of choc chip cookies two nights ago, ate the raw dough left over after my two sheet pans were full, and have eaten pretty much every cookie since the baking! My hubby's a dream...though, living with someone else can definately throw a wrench in some 'alone time-type' things :)

  5. Both sides of the coin. Can't argue with that! *~_^*

  6. When I was single, I was always complaining I was so lonely. Now that I'm no longer single, I LONG for some single days again. LOL

    It's nice knowing you're responsible for nobody but yourself.


  7. Bridgett~Long story short, I started writing a response to your comment, and ended up with a monster! So, my response to you is my newest post! *^_^*


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