Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

In fact, it was such a beautiful day that even Fall River was nice. (For those of you that are not local: Fall River was once (long ago and far away) one of the great manufacturing towns of New England's Industrial Revolution era. It has been reduced to an American "slum;" a place where angels often fear to tread. For those of you that are local: you understand. For those of you that live in the Fall River area: I can only hope that you are not offended. *U_U*) Anyhoo! The first half of my day consisted of assigning packing slips to appropriate boxes, taping them up and carting alpaca wool off to the New England Fiber Pool in Fall River. Let me tell you just how lovely my drive was!
I met up with a friend(well, I suppose I could call him an "old friend," now. We've known each other for almost ten years!) yesterday for tea. The dear was so sweet to bring me my very own copy of Woodland's newest album, Seasons in Elfland: Shadows. If you haven't heard of Woodland or their music, go check them out now.
I'm not kidding. You really should! I mean, if you read my blog, chances are the tunes will resonate with you as they have with me.
Alright, so, now that you've heard them, imagine taking a long drive through the late autumn highways of Massachusetts. The enchanting vocals and intoxicating sounds can only enhance the deep, burnt oranges and siennas of dying leaves clinging still to the spindly ends of high branches. The earthy brown leaves lie motionless, dampened by dew that has been frozen and thawed in the succession of night frosts and morning sun kisses. The energy in the air this morning was felt by all. Not one angry horn-blower or bird to be flipped!
When I arrived at the warehouse, I stood chatting with the head of the operation while her employees loaded my wool onto the industrial elevator, then disappeared. None of us wore coats. None of us shivered. We all enjoyed the sweet, sea-twinged breeze as it softly caressed our cheeks.
Then back to the Cape and the animals.
Not a bad day at all, I trow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

No one?

No one at all has anything to say about that amazing, full moon on Sunday? Hmmm...odd.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Roll Call!

Who beheld the silver-blue light of our Lady, Diana, last night?

Who among you basked in Her shining visage; though the chill, night air crept into our very bones?

Auntie, Uncle and I had a fire on the patio. At one point, I turned off the porch light because I noticed just how bright the shadows were. Once the man-made light was out, the locust trees loomed in stark contrasts of black and white. Everything else around us was covered in a thin veil of blue. Had we crossed over into the Land of Fae, or were the mists between our world and the hidden just settling? We were neither on the physical plane we knew, nor that of the mystical beasties that go bump in the night. They were not making noise last night, though. Their ways were lit with the ethereal light of the nearly full Snow Moon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art, Car and Life Update!

Finally! Here I am, kiddies, to tell you about my first experience bringing my art out into the public eye. To be honest, the demographic that the farm attracts didn't seem like the sort of folk to be drawn, or even impressed by my work. Well, I'm proud to tell you that I sold a print and took an order for a bag! Not only that, but I ran out of business cards before the end of the day. Three of which were taken up by people who plan on contacting me so that we can suss out the details of custom orders they wish to place!
How do I put a price on custom orders?! Hmm...
With such great reception, how could I turn down the opportunity to do another craft fair in December? It's on a Saturday, so I had to switch work shifts with my coworker, but that was easily done. I'm considering making a few, little, clay figures to sell, as well. We shall see how motivated I get.
In other news, my car is dying. Slowly, but surely, she's crouching on her last legs. I have three options.
1. Have a friend's mechanic replace a part on my car that may smooth out the ride, but only last for about three years.
2. Have a friend's mechanic replace her engine.
3. Find and buy a used Volvo with little-to-no issues.
I think 1 will win out, as it will cost the least out of all of it.
Also, my friend, Rob, popped into the farm today. I haven't seen him in months. He and I connect on a spiritual and energetic level. He sure can tap into my energy, because, until I fessed up about my back hurting, he kept asking, "What else is going on? Are you sure there's nothing else?" Well! Let me just tell you! That man knows how to align a back and open the heart chakra! Once he cleared up the mess in my back, I felt like I was floating! The breeze blew right through me and my heart felt lighter. Maybe chatting with him about everything that's happened in the past few months helped lighten the load, too. He takes on other people's energy when he knows they are burdened. It's not really a healthy practice for anyone, but he's just such a lovely man that he wants the people he cares about to feel better. Besides, he clearly knows how to get rid of it once it's out in the open.

That's about it, my dearies. I hope life is being as beautiful to you as it is to me! Sweet Dreams.

I love this song. "They Stood Up For Love" by Live, on The Distance. It came out in '01 or '02 and I lived for this album!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

If Any of You are Locals...

You should stop by Coonamessett Farm in East Falmouth today! It's the last day of the Artisans Fair, and it's the last one of the year. I'll be setting up shop there, and this will be the first time ever that I've attempted to make money from my art! So, if you find yourself with nothing to do, stop by! There's no admission to go out onto the farm today, either! You can check out the vendors, then chat with the animals. My sister and a friend will also be there selling their delicious wares! Stop by before I eat all of their samples!

Side note: As the barn manager, I care very deeply for the health and well-being of every animal on the farm. Please, please, please do not feed the animals. There is chicken food available in the farm stand, but none of the other animals should be given "treats." So-called "treats," even if they are "just leaves or grass" can make the animals extremely ill. Leave the feeding to the professionals and just enjoy the animals' company. Thank you! *^_^*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have Decided!

This ship will be going down for good on December 31, 2010. Sometime in the evening. You know? After work. *~_^*
Never fear my dearies! Though the subject matter will be greatly, drastically reduced, I will be opening a new blog. The new blog, named for my art "company," will feature info and pictures exclusively involved with, you guessed it! My art! This Sunday will be my first art/craft fair (in which I will be participating, rather than merely visiting or coordinating.) Am I nervous? You betcha! I am also unfathomably (word? anyone?) curious as to how my work will be received. It's fantasy art, sure! But it's a bit twisted for this demographic. And fantasy artists in this world are a dime a dozen. I'm not looking to get rich quick. I'm only hoping that there is enough interest to keep my create heart pumping. Art classes in high school (aside from music, theater and English) were my life blood. They were what I pulled myself out of bed for early in the mornings...way back then...almost ten years ago.
Goddess! And this is the first time I'm doing anything with my talent? My art teacher/mentor would be so proud of me. If only I could find her and send along an email informing her that I am finally taking the risk and putting myself out there. *shrugs* Some day. *^_^*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is the kind of 80s music I really love! Doesn't hurt that it repeats my name many, many times. *~_^*

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Change of Heart

I've been thinking.
Now, now. Don't you worry. It's nothing bad. In fact, it is quite liberating. My blog is not the vessel it once was. The internet is nothing but a distraction to me, now. I have been considering deleting my blog. This is not a cry for attention. None of my blogs are. However, if any of you are truly, vehemently adverse to the disappearance of this personal account of a stranger's life, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Thank you. I will post one last time before the interwebs swallow me whole.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lately, I will admit, I have been a little confused as to how I could explain just what I've been going through emotionally. All because of some guy that I barely know, yet, I thought I did. We've all been through the rocky parts of meeting someone new, becoming friends, risking that friendship on the off-chance there might be the tiniest spark of a romance just waiting to ignite and fully engulf your life in the flames of passion, belonging and completeness. We've all been through what I've been going through. This confusion, I thought, was subsiding; leaving my mind and heart. But, when someone tells you that they value honesty and communication, and you strive to fit the bill, what do you do when they can't practice what they preach? What do you do when your intuition (something you should have trusted in the past, should always trust because it's been right for every situation in your life so far) tells you that something just isn't right? Well, when faced with these two prerequisites in a relationship (friendship or otherwise), you try to talk about it in full, honest force, only to be completely shut out and ignored without being given even the decent courtesy of the truth. Blame everything else in the world, but just don't tell it like it is. Telling someone that life is getting in the way, doing a complete 180 from the person you once were, rather than coming clean and admitting that you're just not interested at all in staying friends, let alone getting into something heavier. Well, that's just cowardly. The truth is painful. We all know this. We've all been through it. But, in the long run, isn't it just easier to tell it like it is, even if it means losing someone you had mistakenly thought you wanted in your life?

I just found this program on Hulu.com called Being Erica. It's new-ish, Canadian and amazing. This episode is what finally made me realize how I'm feeling. This episode coaxed out the words and feelings weighing heavily on my chest like heartburn. I suppose that's what it was in a way; heartburn. If you enjoy the episode, you'll love the show. Go back to the very beginning and watch from there. Essentially, it's about a 32 year old woman who feels lost in life. She has many regrets and, through a strange meeting with a man professing to be a psychiatrist, begins therapy. Not just any therapy, mind you, but the chance to address any and all regrets she has about the choices she's made in her life and the ability to go back and change them. The plot is heartwarming, the writing fun and the actors perfect. I'm hooked, you might be, too!

By the way, just so you marvelous people know, I'm changing the name of this blog to The Woman I Want To Be. It makes more sense to me and is more pertinent to the subject matter I seem to be posting. Not to say that I am no longer my spiritual self; rather that Woman encompasses the sum of my soul's parts, not just the faith.

Let me know what you think! *^_^*

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