Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art, Car and Life Update!

Finally! Here I am, kiddies, to tell you about my first experience bringing my art out into the public eye. To be honest, the demographic that the farm attracts didn't seem like the sort of folk to be drawn, or even impressed by my work. Well, I'm proud to tell you that I sold a print and took an order for a bag! Not only that, but I ran out of business cards before the end of the day. Three of which were taken up by people who plan on contacting me so that we can suss out the details of custom orders they wish to place!
How do I put a price on custom orders?! Hmm...
With such great reception, how could I turn down the opportunity to do another craft fair in December? It's on a Saturday, so I had to switch work shifts with my coworker, but that was easily done. I'm considering making a few, little, clay figures to sell, as well. We shall see how motivated I get.
In other news, my car is dying. Slowly, but surely, she's crouching on her last legs. I have three options.
1. Have a friend's mechanic replace a part on my car that may smooth out the ride, but only last for about three years.
2. Have a friend's mechanic replace her engine.
3. Find and buy a used Volvo with little-to-no issues.
I think 1 will win out, as it will cost the least out of all of it.
Also, my friend, Rob, popped into the farm today. I haven't seen him in months. He and I connect on a spiritual and energetic level. He sure can tap into my energy, because, until I fessed up about my back hurting, he kept asking, "What else is going on? Are you sure there's nothing else?" Well! Let me just tell you! That man knows how to align a back and open the heart chakra! Once he cleared up the mess in my back, I felt like I was floating! The breeze blew right through me and my heart felt lighter. Maybe chatting with him about everything that's happened in the past few months helped lighten the load, too. He takes on other people's energy when he knows they are burdened. It's not really a healthy practice for anyone, but he's just such a lovely man that he wants the people he cares about to feel better. Besides, he clearly knows how to get rid of it once it's out in the open.

That's about it, my dearies. I hope life is being as beautiful to you as it is to me! Sweet Dreams.

I love this song. "They Stood Up For Love" by Live, on The Distance. It came out in '01 or '02 and I lived for this album!


  1. what part needs to be replaced? nothing is ever really expensive to fix on my car...which is the same as is it the whole engine? i say getting three years out of it is worth the repairs. if nothing else, it gives you 3 more years to save for the 'new' one, or decide then if you really need another (aren't there plans for a trip in your future?)
    i'm glad you art was well received!!

  2. It's a cap of some sort, but it has to do with the valve in cylinder 4. *shrugs* My friend knows what to do. :P A refurbished replacement would be about $150.00. Not bad, really. And, yes, my trip to Ireland is set for October 2012, so I have a little time to pay for my car and still save for the trip. *^_^*


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