Friday, May 12, 2017

Waning Thoughts

The human condition. What a mess! There are so many things we all go through, but no one talks about anything, so we all feel alone from time to time (or more often, depending on how often one feels different.) But we're not. We none of us are really all that different. And it's maddening!
Technology connects people all around the world, but in the end, it's ruining our ability to truly communicate. Shooting words thousands of miles via wires is a form of communication that doesn't require a human connection. And, for business, to a certain extent, that's all well and good. But even then, it can put a strain on business relationships, as well. Personal relationships, though, how do we cultivate those without contact? Tone is lost in text. Feeling is absent in the inability to, say, touch a hand because one would rather convey thoughts through text messages. Have we become the failed half of the Harlow experiments? Are we running to the cold, robotic mother for comfort, leaving the warm, soft apparatus untouched?
Where have we gone wrong? Are we Rome? Is this Mankind's Fall?

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