Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Not Enough

From what I understand, collectively, we clean our homes and cook delicious meals more when guests are expected. While I realize this may be a broad generalization, I cannot help but agree. Well, I can fully throw myself in with that crowd.
Why do we do and do and do for others, meanwhile the mail gets thrown on the counter, the dirty laundry sits in a corner, and the sink fills with dishes? Are there toothpaste speckles on your bathroom faucet? Am I just lazy?
If I would only take the time, I could prepare beautiful, healthful meals daily for myself, regardless of company. If I tackled my mail as soon as I walk through the door, before I sit to rest myself after a long day at work, it would be done. If I wash my dishes as I use them, I won't feel shame when a guest wanders into my kitchen, nor would my days off be half-spent cleaning up after a week's worth of procrastination.
Living like others come before me is simply not enough, and I intend to change that mindset.
So, I'm going to go through my cookbooks, pick a couple of dishes I can make ahead, write out my grocery list, and see where this plan leads.
What are your go-to dishes that keep things from going stale in your life? Do you prefer to just take one day a week to clean the house? Are you a fancy so-and-so that keeps house, cooks like a world-renowned chef, works a full-time job, and still has time to make soap/candles/hand-knitted afghans? How do you do it?!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Classics Summer

By this time, I had hoped to have had three more previously unread classics under my belt than I had at the beginning of May. Laziness reigns, still, and I have been lollygagging my self-made summer reading schedule. A pinched nerve, however, is to thank for gaining one and one quarters worth of that goal. In two and one half days, being required to take time from work, I was able to consume Wuthering Heights. Previously, I had begun Northanger Abbey, but the tale is buried in the center of a tome which encompasses the complete works of Austen, and my lower back would not allow the weight to be lifted while seated and simultaneously gazing downward to the page.
Heights, though not one of my favorite novels, to be sure, had detailed imagery enough for my inner thoughts to paint perfect pictures. For the most part, this allowed the story to flow seamlessly as I read, but for the many shocking animal abuses. Those were the points when I most needed breaks. So, I would close my ribbon in its place, take a crippled sort of stroll around the yard (I was blessed with beautiful weather throughout my convalescence), and return to my little corner to pick up where I had left the characters.
I see many current story-lines and true to life attributes that run with the constitutions and demeanor of Emily Bronte's characters. While it was received as a lesser piece of literature at its initial publishing, I do believe that it holds relevance today.
I doubt I would have felt the same if forced to read it in high school. Have any of you read Wuthering Heights? Was it for pleasure or school? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

To Be a Crone at Such a Young Age!

I dare not assume I have the Crone's wisdom, but she has lent me her back for a time. A dull ache brought on by the last, and fluffiest of snows this past winter finally turned and twisted and pinched a nerve in my lower back a week ago. It isn't surprising that it should happen, though. Stress of work had been mounting, and Monday of that week we saw all nineteen alpacas sheared. Tuesday came and went with the usual dull ache, if not only slightly aggravated, and Wednesday morning had me in such a state! Of course, I still went ahead and did what I must to feed and water all animals, and clean all but the most difficult of paddocks. Oh! Did I mention I also helped handle and restrain our four sheep for shearing that very day? No? I am remiss!
It is true. By the end of that day, while feeding the second-to-last barn, I sneezed and promptly began to cry for the pain.
I am slowly recovering, and I will recall details if one is so curious to ask after them, but I can easily share a few main points in my early treatment. That Thursday, I visited Urgent Care and was diagnosed with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, prescribed an NSAID, a steroid, and a narcotic muscle relaxer (which I refuse to take - unless, that is, if I should sneeze. Haha!) One week's "rest" from work was also urged by the doctor. In tears, as the pain and stress of barn coverage had utterly exhausted my nerves, I resolved to call my boss and explain in full. When I was finally able to call her, I was calm (read: I was no longer teary), and incredibly apologetic. How could this situation be any different from that of years ago when my then co-worker hurt her arm, was long out of commission, and eventually unable to work? I likened the scenarios, but was soothed by my employer as she assured we would cover the barns, that I am too important to her to lose, and I must mend.
Having stomach upset, and worried of the NSAID's possible side effects, I returned Saturday morning, was assigned a different doctor, and was found having not the dysfunction, but a pinched nerve. The NSAID was removed from my medicinal arsenal (replaced by a generic form of Prilosec to repair possible damages), the steroid dosage modified, and a non-narcotic muscle relaxer added (to take every 6 hours, as needed.)
Monday and Tuesday were spent in the farmstand, as I had agreed to trade posts with the woman there (who had been trained months before, and knew the barns.) Tuesday saw me take one of the non-narcotic pills before bed. How could I not? I hobbled from farmstand to car, car to my door. My back was not ready for even the slowish pace of the store. Her days off concluded, the other main worker of the store was scheduled Wednesday through the end of the week, and barn coverage was settled. I am taking the opportunity to heal these last few days, and will be back in the barns either Sunday afternoon, or all day Monday.

For those of you of curious scholastic mind, I achieved an A in both my Latin and 3D Design classes - my GPA is slowly recovering from the A- of previous semester, and I am at 3.9.

How have you all been enjoying your Spring, now that Summer is nearly come?

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