Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Not Enough

From what I understand, collectively, we clean our homes and cook delicious meals more when guests are expected. While I realize this may be a broad generalization, I cannot help but agree. Well, I can fully throw myself in with that crowd.
Why do we do and do and do for others, meanwhile the mail gets thrown on the counter, the dirty laundry sits in a corner, and the sink fills with dishes? Are there toothpaste speckles on your bathroom faucet? Am I just lazy?
If I would only take the time, I could prepare beautiful, healthful meals daily for myself, regardless of company. If I tackled my mail as soon as I walk through the door, before I sit to rest myself after a long day at work, it would be done. If I wash my dishes as I use them, I won't feel shame when a guest wanders into my kitchen, nor would my days off be half-spent cleaning up after a week's worth of procrastination.
Living like others come before me is simply not enough, and I intend to change that mindset.
So, I'm going to go through my cookbooks, pick a couple of dishes I can make ahead, write out my grocery list, and see where this plan leads.
What are your go-to dishes that keep things from going stale in your life? Do you prefer to just take one day a week to clean the house? Are you a fancy so-and-so that keeps house, cooks like a world-renowned chef, works a full-time job, and still has time to make soap/candles/hand-knitted afghans? How do you do it?!

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