Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have Decided!

This ship will be going down for good on December 31, 2010. Sometime in the evening. You know? After work. *~_^*
Never fear my dearies! Though the subject matter will be greatly, drastically reduced, I will be opening a new blog. The new blog, named for my art "company," will feature info and pictures exclusively involved with, you guessed it! My art! This Sunday will be my first art/craft fair (in which I will be participating, rather than merely visiting or coordinating.) Am I nervous? You betcha! I am also unfathomably (word? anyone?) curious as to how my work will be received. It's fantasy art, sure! But it's a bit twisted for this demographic. And fantasy artists in this world are a dime a dozen. I'm not looking to get rich quick. I'm only hoping that there is enough interest to keep my create heart pumping. Art classes in high school (aside from music, theater and English) were my life blood. They were what I pulled myself out of bed for early in the mornings...way back then...almost ten years ago.
Goddess! And this is the first time I'm doing anything with my talent? My art teacher/mentor would be so proud of me. If only I could find her and send along an email informing her that I am finally taking the risk and putting myself out there. *shrugs* Some day. *^_^*


  1. It is quite a thing, the arts/crafts put yourself out there and sit and wonder what people will think. you'll have fun. it is nice to have your support system with you, at least.
    have fun and wear a sweater!! :)

  2. Wish you could join us, but I know you're very busy gearing up for your trip! I'll be sure to dress plenty warm. I've also got a hot water bottle and two pillows that can be heated and wrapped around my neck and lower back. I'm all set! *~_^*


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