Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

In fact, it was such a beautiful day that even Fall River was nice. (For those of you that are not local: Fall River was once (long ago and far away) one of the great manufacturing towns of New England's Industrial Revolution era. It has been reduced to an American "slum;" a place where angels often fear to tread. For those of you that are local: you understand. For those of you that live in the Fall River area: I can only hope that you are not offended. *U_U*) Anyhoo! The first half of my day consisted of assigning packing slips to appropriate boxes, taping them up and carting alpaca wool off to the New England Fiber Pool in Fall River. Let me tell you just how lovely my drive was!
I met up with a friend(well, I suppose I could call him an "old friend," now. We've known each other for almost ten years!) yesterday for tea. The dear was so sweet to bring me my very own copy of Woodland's newest album, Seasons in Elfland: Shadows. If you haven't heard of Woodland or their music, go check them out now.
I'm not kidding. You really should! I mean, if you read my blog, chances are the tunes will resonate with you as they have with me.
Alright, so, now that you've heard them, imagine taking a long drive through the late autumn highways of Massachusetts. The enchanting vocals and intoxicating sounds can only enhance the deep, burnt oranges and siennas of dying leaves clinging still to the spindly ends of high branches. The earthy brown leaves lie motionless, dampened by dew that has been frozen and thawed in the succession of night frosts and morning sun kisses. The energy in the air this morning was felt by all. Not one angry horn-blower or bird to be flipped!
When I arrived at the warehouse, I stood chatting with the head of the operation while her employees loaded my wool onto the industrial elevator, then disappeared. None of us wore coats. None of us shivered. We all enjoyed the sweet, sea-twinged breeze as it softly caressed our cheeks.
Then back to the Cape and the animals.
Not a bad day at all, I trow.

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