Sunday, November 21, 2010

Roll Call!

Who beheld the silver-blue light of our Lady, Diana, last night?

Who among you basked in Her shining visage; though the chill, night air crept into our very bones?

Auntie, Uncle and I had a fire on the patio. At one point, I turned off the porch light because I noticed just how bright the shadows were. Once the man-made light was out, the locust trees loomed in stark contrasts of black and white. Everything else around us was covered in a thin veil of blue. Had we crossed over into the Land of Fae, or were the mists between our world and the hidden just settling? We were neither on the physical plane we knew, nor that of the mystical beasties that go bump in the night. They were not making noise last night, though. Their ways were lit with the ethereal light of the nearly full Snow Moon!

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