Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monday's the Big Day

Moving day is fast approaching. Auntie has been running hither and thither like mad for the past month or so; moving furniture and boxes upon boxes upon boxes of stuff! And, still there is need for a great big moving truck on Monday.
Of course, I've been waiting until it is absolutely necessary to get my stuff out of here so that I needn't worry about it where it's being stored. Poor Auntie, though! Uncle has been working and helping Auntie, too, so I'm certain he'll be glad when it's all said and done.
I'll have my own space again, and that is what I'm looking forward to. A space for silence, solitude and a third chance to get into my craft once more. You know? Really throw myself into it. That'll be great! I'll have a little time before the Faerie Workshop to get some more research done, get things in order and finalize everything with Anam Cara.
In other news, the weather becoming more friendly. I can work all day without feeling like collapsing, enjoy my evenings, sleep well and comfortably, and enjoy my days off. I must admit, the pounding rain that left me sopping wet by the second hour of work today brought the faint scent of the coming Fall. And I simply adored it! The sweet smell of damp earth mixing with the exposed layers of decomposing leaves...heaven on earth, I tell you whut!
That'll have to be all for now. After all, I've got a busy two days ahead of me! Thank you for the well wishes and comments!


  1. good luck moving all your stuff. Is D. planning on leaving any furnishings for the new renters or is it all coming out of there? I think with all the furniture she has acquired, it would be impossible to move without a truck!

  2. Everything must go! :P We'll probably have to make at least two trips. We're planning one more trip of boxes in two cars this evening, then packing up and tying up loose ends to be ready for the big push tomorrow.


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