Sunday, December 6, 2009

Haha. Very funny, Jack.

Today, from 10 to about 2:15, Anam Cara and I hosted our second Faerie Workshop! We had planned a few days ago to say a temporary farewell to the Autumnal Fae as Winter's icy fingers wend their way 'round our homes. This, we thought, is the prime time to send out a respecful welcome to those of the Winter Court and leave it at that. The Unseelie Court, you see, makes up the majority of the Winter Faeries. We explained to our attendee that working with the faeries requires a very delicate balance and caution. The Winter faeries are, for the most part, beings you may acknowledge (it would be rude to ignore them when you work with the others during the rest of the year), but it would be best not to enter into any agreements with them. That being said, I must be a hypocrit and admit that I welcome Jack Frost and see myself working with him throughout this cold season. Though he is part of the Unseelie Court, not all of that ilk are inherently evil. In fact, some can be quite helpful. However, as they teeter on the fence, they are more pre-disposed to err on the side of malicious. Puck/Robin Goodfellow, for example is one of this "Unholy Court." Not all bad, but definitely michevious when given the opportunity and choice.
I digress.
As I knew what today's lesson would entail, I had it in my mind that Jack would be making an appearance of some sort. And right I was. Though just a dusting, I spied snow on the ground and cars on my drive to the center this morning. Also, before leaving, I had to let my car thaw a little bit, as I had to use two hands to open the door and let the windscreen artwork dissolve. "Sorry, Jack," I apologized as my wipers chipped the frosty fingers away. He'd be back.
He always comes back.
There, on the back step of Anam Cara's Sanctuary. Right there. See that glossy mat? Looks like a half-inch thick sheet of bumpy ice, huh? Good one, Jack. It's a real butte. So I stepped on it. And, "Whoop!" There I went. I thought that it was hilarious. Anam Cara and the attendee displayed looks of worry and voiced words of concern. But I was fine. All I could do was laugh. I wasn't hurt, nor am I feeling any ill after effects.
So, welcome Winter Court! And you got me, Jack. You got me good. *~_^* I think this winter will be quite interesting with you by my side.


  1. Oh Oh! The Unseelie Court is in town... -le sigh- It's especially that "michevious" part, that worries me. Falling on ice when young, isn't so bad. But falling on ice, when old, is.

    Methinks I'll get out my necklace with the iron nail put on it, that my husband made. Maybe wearing it all Winter, wouldn't be such a bad idea!

    Aunt Amelia
    Dec. 7, 1941

  2. And being very aware of and careful on ice, would be a good idea toooooo!

    Aunt Amelia
    Dec. 7, 1941

  3. thats very interesting, I know very little about Faeries or faery magick...very interesting post

  4. Well, what a handy, little necklace your husband crafted! Indeed, if you do not work with the Fae in magick, or even daily life, anything of iron on your person would surely protect you from their ill-meaning tricks!
    Always glad to pass on knowledge of the ages! If you are interested in learning more about working with Faeries, AEshe, you should check out Ted Andrews' book "Enchantment of the Faerie Realms..." Very informative and helpful read. *^_^*

  5. Renee...You poor slippy Fae!

    I too am feeling Winter's presence...I LOVE winter...I am making all sorts of beings with cold faces...The Snow Queen is most definately alive here!

    And, we have a baby wood..."Oberon's Wood"...which of course His children all play in...I plant trees for all the Fae beings in there and my children decorate the trees for the Faeries...Magick!

    Not many visits from Jack yet though...not much frost up this mountain...

  6. Ouchie!

    Sneaky, sneaky Jack! :)


  7. Celia: I am, sadly not as graceful on ice as Jack. He wants to dance and my feet doth protest. *U_U* How very thoughtful of you to do such a service for Oberon and his littles! They shall pay you back in kind, I am certain. Eagerly, I look forward to your frosty lovelies. *^_^*
    Do not fear, Bridgett, not one iota of pain! It was all laughs for me!


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