Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now That the Cooler Weather is Settling In...

As I wander this twisting and confusing world of singlehood, I wonder if dating will ever really be an option for me. For three years, I was single. For three years, I delved into my personality. For three years I found out a huge chunk of who I was; who I am. For three years, I felt the lonely twinge only once in a while, but it passed; usually without much of a fight. By the light of dawn, my lonely nights were nothing but an emotional memory. I'd go on with my days as if the feeling had never reared its ugly head. For the most part, being single is bliss.
Until someone comes along to make me second guess my happiness.
Men come and go. Emotions arise, but are never in sync. One of us always feels more strongly than the other; sometimes them, usually me.
Makes me wonder still more. If I've got all I need by myself; if life is less complicated, less dramatic; if I have very dear friends and family round me, why is it, then that I feel that old, familiar feeling creep in every so often?
Tell me, ladies, are you single? If so, how long have you been and is it by choice? How do you pass the lonely moments away? If you are not single, what is the longest stretch of single living you lived? Was it self-imposed? How did you find your special someone? Gentlemen, tell me what you think of all of this? How do you fellas navigate the dating world?

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  1. I was always single...and i LOVED it. I have nothing bad to say about being single. If, for some tragic reason, I was suddenly without my beloved, I would likely embarce singlehood.
    But I did happen to meet someone who I wanted to be a part of my life. someone who was willing to wait for a 23 year old habitual single girl to come around to the idea of having someone around all the time. That is how I knew it was right. We didn't start on the same page, maybe, but it was important enough for us both to take that journey together at whatever speed we needed. I guess it seemed to move along quickly, but only after we decided that we did, in fact, want to spend our days together.
    Being single isn't for everyone, but neither is being in a relationship for everyone. We are all different in every have to figure out what makes you happy and not make excuses to others or feel like you are in some way wrong, or even missing out on something.


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