Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Ghoulish Fun!

Here are a few classics of the season. Enjoy...if you dare!!!

One of the most amazing, cinematic music videos of all time. They just don't make them like this anymore.

Theme song to a fun thriller of the eighties. I've got my VHS copy, do you?

Haha! Here's another 80's doozy!

Here's a traditional Halloween song with a very funerary twist! I really like this version. Anyone here remember playing the game while singing along?

I've never heard this one before, even though it was an addition to the video game BioShock. Such a fun tune!

Not a huge "classic rock" fan, but this is a clever song for the witchy folk this time of year.

I loved my Ghostbusters action figures!!! Is it weird that I had a crush on Harold Ramis after seeing this movie?

If you enjoyed these videos, I recommend checking out this compilation YouTuber "Yankee0412" put together.

Looks like I have some movies to watch this Halloween! *~_^* For instance, I haven't seen Bell, Book and Candle in a dog's age, at least!

Anyone care to share some of their favorites?


  1. HA! ghost of john!!
    my ALL TIME FAV is the Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. we used to listen to it in music class in 5th-6th grade and we all had to play the parts. To this day, i look forward to hearing it on the classical station in October...although I was thrilled to hear it randomly one day this past September!

  2. Oh, yes! That's a classic, indeed! To be honest, I'd forgotten about playing that wooden xylophone in music class to the Danse Macabre. What fun!


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