Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Haunting...Mwahaha! ^-_-^

Tomorrow is the big day! Samhain, Halloween, Witches' New Year, etc. I'll be at work as usual on Saturdays. However, one of the gals with which I work and I will be "dressing up" anyway. It's not as if I can wear a full costume while shoveling poo and planing the side of a door that is to be hung on a coop. BUT! I plan on wearing either a set of horns or my electric blue bob wig, or both. I also told her that I'd bring in both sets of horns, in case she wanted to wear a pair.
As of late, I have been lighting one of my oil lamps and a few candles instead of turning on lights as it gets dark. So that's one less thing I'll have to remember to do tomorrow night. I figure I'll bury an apple or two, do a little ritual, then head down to the local coffee shop to people watch. It's a very community oriented town I live in; I'm certain there will be tons of people roaming and having a ghoulishly grand time of it!
Well, we're all busy making ready for the big day/night, so I'll cut this one short here. Have a frightfully incredible Samhain/Halloween, kiddies! And don't let your mummies trick you into letting them check your apples for razors first. We all knew that was a lie! They were only after the good stuff. *~_^*


  1. Ohhh how cute your blog looks today!!!!!!

    Have a lovely Eve!

    Happy Halloween/Samhain!

    Aunt Amelia

  2. Why, many thanks, Aunt Amelia! I beg the same of you! *^_^*

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Samhain!


  4. I did indeed. Same to you, Bridgett!


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