Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Mah Birfday!

Yea! 26 and life is good!
Saturday night was the Pumpkin Carving Party. What fun! We didn't get to the corn dollies, but I think it will be fun to do one or two today after a nature/cemetery walk with Auntie and Uncle. Everyone's pumpkins were creative and fun, and well thought out! Being a carving party, it's no surprise that we all really thought about what we would create.
Both sisters were there. One made a "pug" pumpkin, the other a "puking" pumpkin. (Sounds like one of the Weasley treats!) My brother-in-law wasn't in attendance, but my other sister's boyf carved an effigy of the in-law. Pretty funky, too! Anam Cara's pumpkin showcased various pagan symbols (one of which being a lovely, glowing spiral), and Anam Cara's "sis" carved a darling scene of moon and stars! Auntie sculpted a perfect portrait of her pup, and I hollowed out a faerie house with a few windows and a door. No, the door does not open. *^_^* All of which I have pictures that will be shared on the next blog (hopefully).
The apple bobbing was a riot! Not everyone was able to give it the old college try, but, as I've heard from all attendees, the party was a success in every way. I feel so blessed to have the friends and family round me that can cherish fun, homey, old fashioned parties like these. I love them all!
Yesterday, I spent the day with Anam Cara at King Richard's Faire in Carver. Every year, on my birthday weekend, this is a must for me! How lucky I am to have a Medieval/Renaissance/Fantasy faire to feed my faerie tale needs on my birthday. The King; Seamus, Earl of Kilkenny; The Tortuga Twins; Heyo the Jester and many others sang me a very short, but sweet, birthday song! How silly!
Now, I think I'll be off to walk by the grist mill pond and take in the little cemetery on the water. Why not enjoy a little time with those long past on a day to celebrate life? To me, it only seems proper. I would like to hold a Dumb Supper this month, too, but atfer these past two weekends and after the success of the Pumpkin Party, I may just do the usual solitary thing and bury a few extra apples and a couple of coin.
Never you fret, my dearies, pictures of the Witch Cottage and party will be posted. Again, I marvel, how blessed I am that life is so good to me! I hope it is the same for each of you.


  1. i had fun at the party, though my pumpkin wasn't much of a success.
    hope your birthday was lovely.
    (jason said 'that Is me' when i showed him the 'jason pumpkin'!!)

  2. I'm glad you had fun, and I think your lil puggie was cute!
    Haha! That's great about the Jason Pumpkin! :P And, yes, my birthday was loverly indeed! Thank you. *^_^*

  3. That sounds so much fun!
    I can't wait to see pictures...especially of the Pug pumpkin. My daughter will love that one as Pugs are her favorite breed of dog. :)


  4. Don't forget the chihuahua pumpkin done by yours truly! I had fun too, yay holidays.

  5. I wuold like to see your pictures of pumkin. Your blog is enchanting! Sorry if my writting english is not correct. Have a charming day! Best wishes from Spain!

  6. Wow, this is really a late wish but... A Very Happy Though Belated Happy Birthday Wish to you!!!

    Please don't make us wait too long, for pictures of the Witch Cottage. I so love that name. :-)

    Aunt Amelia

  7. Teehee! Oh! 50sgal! I just adore your chihuahua pumpkin.
    Wow! Thanks mis cositas magicas! And don't worry, your English is great! Also, I took Spanish in high school. You're making me want to break out my dictionary and old notebook and brush up a bit! I'm thinking about translating your blogs on my own instead of having the computer so it for me. *^_^*
    Aunt Amelia, I'll be thrilled when I can take a few satisfactory pictures to upload! I've got many renovations planned, but I think some before pictures are in order! To give you an idea, my living room is decked out with all of my Faerie items (as I work with the Fae in my magicks), occult books, ritual items and a few eclectic/randomly spiritual things.

  8. And I'm back again! :-) Just saw your grrrrreat 'Fever' video over on this post. I clicked on the video and saw Rene Of The Fey and so... You are Gussie.

    That was so much fun. I get to see you. And I got to put together a fun blogging puzzle. Well, it was kind of like putting together a blogging puzzle. To find you in 50's Gal's blog entry, and etc. Fun!

  9. Oh and.... Get thee to taking those Before Pictures! ,-)

    Please don't do what most of us do. Forget the Before's, till after stuff is Done. Bleahhhhhhh...

  10. Haha! Yes, it is true, Aunt Amelia. We try to keep it on the hushed side of things, as you now know, I am told. *~_^* Thanks for understanding. I plan on getting those pictures up in the next week or two (pumpkins, party and cottage pics all.)


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