Monday, October 26, 2009

As Promised...Many Times Over

Here are a few pictures from the Pumpkin Carving

Here, we have Auntie's sweet lil' pup! He's illuminated, but for some reason, I didn't have a picture with the room lights out.

This is big sis's Pug-kin! She wasn't particularly fond of the way her design came out, but I think it's cute! (If a little Fozzie the Bear-like.) *^_^*

Anam Cara's Sister-Friend shows us her starry night pumpkin! How clever; she pinned one of the cut out stars to the outside wall. Artsy lady.

Here's big sis #2 (I'm the youngest of we three girls, and all four children) mimicking her sick pumpkin. At least, we all thought it was pretty sick, man!

Anam Cara is working her way into her pumpkin. She brought one that her husband had grown himself and the walls were incredibly thick! Big sis #2 fixes her hair before digging in.

I've got videos, too, of the apple bobbing! Those will be on YouTube because I can't seem to load them here. Once they're up, I'll post a note letting everyone know.

Thanks for waiting! *^_^*


  1. Oh! It was many things, but that was the top of the list! *~_^*

  2. And a good time was had by all! Other than for big sis #2 and her sick pumpkin, of course. ,-0 -gigggles-

    And I love Anam Cara's cute expression, as she begins working her way into her pumpkin. But I wonder if her cute expression held, by the time she'd gotten through those incredibly thick walls!?! ,-0

    And I take it that these pics were taken, inside of Witch Cottage. It looks cute and homey and I love the deep red painted walls.

    Aunt Amelia

  3. Anam Cara's a trooper! She was cheery all through carving. *^_^*
    Witch Cottage is quite small, actually. So the party moved over to Auntie's abode for the space.

  4. Oh how fun! No fair, its too hot here for carving pumpkins.

  5. i think i have a candle-lit shot of the chi-kin. i can email it to you if you like (email me to let me know).
    is part of the video my mascara smeared face which resulted in NO apples at all??

  6. Haha! I dunno, but I promise that I'll watch them and only put up the positive videos. *^_^*

  7. Ha! These are great. I love the pumpkin carving party idea. :)



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