Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Dreams Part 2

Here is the dream I wrote in my journal.
Dreamed of looking in and out of an antique shop inside an old train station. I would drive there, then walk to work from there. One day, the train was going through on my way home from work. The conductor called out to me in a friendly way. Before it stopped (it was stopping just for me), the conductor came over the loudspeaker and announced, "One of our wedding customers asked us to tell you, (I got the impression they paid for the "advertisement") to go to your happiest memory and rent a room." I thought that was cute and it made me smile. On some level, I knew this was a dream, because I remember hoping that I'd remember that line. Anyway, I turned around to wave at any wedding parties inside the train, but it was mostly empty and looked a bit worn down. One car, though, had people in it, mostly women. I couldn't see into the windows for all of the grime and they were curtained over with web-like material. But I waved and they returned the courtesy. That's when the train came to a full stop to let me on. I climbed aboard. The women were all in Gibson Girl era Victorian clothing. All work clothes. They seemed to be on their ways home from work, too. I began chatting, then one girl behind me (about my age) went into her shopping bag and pulled out a modern bra, a la Victoria's secret. I looked it over and told her the design would be very popular in the future, pointing out little details here and there. She showed me more, and I told her the same for those. The older woman in my booth (chaperoning the young women I had been speaking with) looked disgusted at the candid talk and showing of undergarments. As I was telling the girl with the bras about the popularity of the push-up, the train was coming to a stop. I recognized it as the antique shop (my stop), and got off while still chatting. We all left the train. I had wondered if they were ghosts, but I didn't care. They asked me if I'd come back again and I told them I'd try. Then, I found a great antique chair for three dollars! It was marked down from $35, which used to be $75! If only finds like that actually existed!!! It was right in the open doorway that lead into the back room. The old woman of the shop was laying on a twin bed inside, just to the left. I side glanced in and saw her talking on the phone, knees bent and one leg crossed over the other so her underwear was showing past her very short dress! Ugh! I looked away and felt her glare at me. Then, she ignored whomever was on the phone to tell me about the chair, but said instead, "You know, you are very beautiful. You do know that, don't you?" (Sometimes life leaks into my dreams. My brain holds onto the little things.)

Well? Any takers? What do you guys and gals think? Does it mean anything? Will I visit those girls on the train, again? It was a lot of fun, though! *^_^*

Alright, back to the final push through of cleaning, then I need to go the store. Fun, fun!

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