Friday, January 15, 2010

Greeting a Brand New Day, Everyday!

Though suffering fatigue as a side effect from my hypothyroidism as of late, waking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed becomes more and more difficult. I go to bed at 9:00 most nights, 9:30 at the latest, and am up and walking within a minute of my alarm sounding at 6:45 the next morning. Maybe having three days off a week is taking its toll? Maybe my diet is suffering from the Winter blues? Maybe my medication just needs to be pumped up a little? Whatever the reason (could be any combination or all three), I seem to be walking in a daze these past two weeks. Farm work gives me much silence and solitude (for the most part). Mindless repetition gives way to meditation and deep thought as I complete each task. I have had deeper thoughts and more thought out inner monologues in the past year than I have had all my life!
This morning, as I ambled up the driveway to the second barn, I breathed deeply of the subtle spices wafting on the air. The warmer than usual temperature allowed me many deep breaths without my nostrils burning and my lungs collapsing. What was it? The tingle of the cool Winter mist settling, then being absorbed into my skin as I marched only enhanced the sweet familiarity of the scents I cataloged. The perfect description organized in my mind and I hoped that I could remember it long enough to write it down. Sadly, life takes hold and the importance of chores outweigh that of prose. However, I want all of you who are having a hard Winter to remember this: We are nearly one month into Winter. A little more than two months to go until the beginnings of thaw.
The soft breezes were reminiscent of very early Spring; as the earth thaws, life returns or emerges and the Sun smiles down upon us all while the Moon, though still cool in her night sky lights our way evermore. Deep, earthy tones, mixed with the smell of the trees coming to from their restful Winter slumber; shaking off their remaining brown leaves to make room for the green growth that is to come. Everything smelled as if they were coming back. Far too soon, they know, too, but a blessing still to have had that graceful faerie light upon my nose and give me that beautiful gift in waking up to greet a brand new day.


  1. i had a similar experience yesterday as i decided to walk the 3 miles home from the coffee shop instead of having jason drop me off. it was magical. then, when i rounded the corner to my house, i could smell the horses...poop never smelled so good!
    btw, how long have you been taking meds for hypothyroid? i never knew!

  2. Funny, isn't it? Manure is one of those smells that half the population love (has a comforting sort of effect) or hate. Maybe it's because we were in rural areas in our formative years? Exercising and breathing deep of the scents of the earth go hand in hand and only complement each other all the more. *^_^*
    I've been on meds for the past two years...I think. No more than that, though.

  3. I hope your energy is back in full-force, love!



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