Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You *have* to do this!

If you are reading this at the night that I'm posting it, you have got to do this. It's not even really for me. This is something I think you would appreciate.
Go outside. It's cold, I know! So put on some warm clothes and do it. Once you're out there, look up. Gaze deep into that night sky. While you soak in the cool light of the Lady Moon, appreciate the tiny faerie lights called stars. Realize how small you are in the Universe and just how much power it holds to do both good and ill. Now think of a chorus. Not much with one vocalist, right? Bring more people into that chorus and hear that single voice turn into a vocal symphony!
You are only one person, enjoying and loving the Earth. But together, we are a force of positive energy with which to be reckoned. Those little, distant lights are enormous once you are at close range. So, while you're appreciating the beauty of all that is and, even though you know how small you are in comparison, good back inside. Look at your loved ones. Know that you are a big part of their world. Know the difference you make to them.
Though we sometimes need to be reminded how small we are, we must never forget just how important we are and the power we all wield, for good or ill.

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