Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before bed...

Just a short note to let all of you know how much I appreciate your interest in my stumblings down this path I follow blindly, but with all the faith that can fit withing my being. I do notice when new faces appear, and I thank each and every one of yo lovelies! *^_^*
Also, for those of you following the soap opera side story that is my life, I finally spoke to the fella again, yesterday. Let's see if I can get the courage to slip him a little note the next time I see him. It may be the only way to get my words out at this point. I just get so nervous and the butterflies get so violent that they distract me! But, for you, my readers, I will try my best.
...And, well, a little for me, too.


  1. A note. To slip to 'him.' Ahhhhhh but, how long will it take, to compose said note??????

    -evil giggles-

    I am such a help, am I not?

    -more evil giggles-

  2. Aunt Amelia ~ Luckily, working on a farm arrods me much time for meditation and inner thought processes. So, I had the general gist of the thing down by the the end of the day! It only needs to be put to paper and handed over next Tuesday.
    No wonder the faeries hang round you, you naughty thing! *~_^*

    Bridgett ~ Thank you, I'll need it!


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