Friday, May 15, 2009


This morning my alarm was set for 6:50, just the same as it is every morning I must wake to work. My body, however, decided that 5:30 was a fine time to rise. I disagreed and fought it until 6:30. "I might as well just get up and get started," thought I. This was fine. If I'm awake, I'm awake and there's no telling otherwise. So before I even began dressing for the day, I turned on good ole' Eliza (the name of my laptop, named for Eliza Doolittle) and set to thinking on which albums I'd be transferring to my cell's memory card. Working on the farm alone everyday has it's advantages; one being the ability to listen to whatever music I please as I shovel the poo and feed and water the precious beasts. Sadly, I keep a lazy music library, and nothing but the albums are labeled. To make matters worse, Eliza had lost her voice for no reason other than the Faeries wanted to play keep away from me with the volume. No one could figure out why the volume wasn't working...for about a month. Not a peep. Then, this morning, the Fae decided that I had grown tired of their game and I wasn't playing anymore. They got bored and gave it back. Thanks, Fellows! It was completely random, too. But all of this is off topic.
As my library opened, I stole a peek into my gmail. Someone had replied to a blog to which I had signed up for email responses, then forgotten about. That someone struck my fancy as she is a full-time homemaker with a flair for the 50's aesthetic that is all too familiar in my home. Imagine my excitement when I discovered her roots in the Pagan Path! Woot and Ye Verilee, indeed! Now, we've covered my indifference-bordering-dislike for children. Most people don't get it, many insist on telling me to wait, that my mind will change and I'll eventually want them, others let it go and say, "Good for you! Some people shouldn't be parents. And those that shouldn't but still do screw up the future of the world!" For the record, I agree with the last comment. But this Lady is so thorough in her witchy directory and help sections, that she even gives tips on raising Pagan children. Now, that's classy! I adore Mrs. B's style, both wordiness and online decor and look forward to reading more of her blogs.
One of her sections has a short list of Pagan prayers for bedtime. This reminded me of a concise Circle of Proctection prayer I had thought up in high school and have whispered or focused upon as I've fallen asleep every night since.

White light surrounds me,
And those that I love.
As it is below,
So it is above.
Blessed Be.

Poetry never came as easily to me as I would have liked. So when this came to me without even batting an eye, I was thrilled to say the least. The Lady must have given it to me to share. I have shared it at a friend's sweatlodge once or twice, but am happy to share it again with you darlings, and always.


  1. It is nice when you can find inspiration in others. If we don't share what we know, what is the point in knowing?

  2. So true, so true. Sadly, though, not everyone is open to listening *in addition* to the teaching. We all grow at our own paces, I suppose.


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