Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Would you just look at this beauty!

How lucky am I? I mean, really. This lovely was made for me by Catherine over at her blog, House of Trouble. A short while back, she posted a blog entreating her readers to suggest a few names for her, then unnamed Muse. She then listed some characteristics and the naming began! I had suggested Puck; for the mischievous little imp who served Oberon (and himself.) After some research done herself, Catherine most appropriately chose the name Persephone. Aptly so, I thought once I read her reasoning. And what a poetic name for an art's muse!
Though she went with a name chosen herself, I was the proud winner of a custom embossing! She knew that she would plan out a Bosch-inspired mermaid, but she asked me for any symbols that are near and dear to my heart. That was a task, let me tell you! I offered the symbol of Libra, a dragonfly (one of my Spirit Guides) or the Goddess symbol of the Full Moon with a crescent on either side. The Moons have it! And I think it worked out just magnificently! I am so thrilled to have her framed in my room next to my door. Now I see her every time I walk in or out of my thicket of solitude!
This wonderful experience has inspired me to get back into my own fantasy art. Let's hope this time is the charm!
Thank you, yet again, Catherine for your art, inspiration and creativity! You shine brightly, indeed.


  1. That is really beautiful!! Lucky!

    Thanks for the blog comments, btw...for some reason I haven't been getting updates of yours, so I had no idea you had new posts!!
    And I think I have 'blossomed into an artist' because of all the manure!! harhar!

  2. Isn't it, though?! I just love her work!

  3. Oh Renee - what a kind post! I am so honored! You don't know how it delights me to know you're enjoying the little gift. Can't wait to see the spoils of your creative muse when you get back to your artwork - please keep me updated!

  4. Will do, Catherine. The wheels have been turning once again. But of course, my art will have to wait until after the move.


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