Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Little Explanation Goes a Long Way

So, here I am, finally getting my own look, my own voice out in the world. And all under my own, made-up production company name! Good ole' "Unicorn Horns, Inc!" Never doubted you for a second. Whenever I needed a good, fake company, you were there.
Unicorn Horns, Inc. is the "Publisher" I came up with in fifth grade. We had a monthly assigment in English, or reading, or some lower level of "filling your time so the teacher doesn't get a migraine" class. Each month we were asked to write our own short story, often involving the elements of the English language or themes in our reading books we'd been discussing. Mine were, more often than not, fantasy.
Of course.
Well, anywho, on the pre-printed title pages for every book, we were made to fill out the title of our works, our name in the "author" slot and the date. And there, right there at the bottom lived the blank with "Publisher" written below it. Mrs. Laity told us that we didn't have to write anything in there. We wouldn't get extra credit or anything, but if we thought of something clever that we'd like to write in there, go for it. It couldn't hurt.
It took weeks before I'd decided on a publisher. My own creation. A name that was the very embodyment of my childishly industrious mind. Unicorn Horns, Inc. It flaunted my curiosity and obsession with fantasy, but displayed a gritty sort of sweathouse attitude. Flighty, but businesslike...just like my mind; loving magick and dreams and all that was good in a child's world, but always trying to come up with get rich quick schemes. (Some I feel bad about to this day.)
It's amazing to me that I could save and save and save as a kid, then spend it on extravagant toys that I barely played with, if I took them out of the packages at all. I saved many Happy Meal extras unopened, "knowing" that they'd be worth something someday, only to toss 'em in a box and deposit them under the stairs of my parents' moldy basement when I was moved at the age of 12.
But that's another story.

*Addendum: My blogspot address used to be "UnicornHornsInc." Since this space now has a specific purpose, the title and address have both been changed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. *^_^*

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