Monday, March 2, 2009

Lessons to be learned.

My Witchy To-Do list is immense! Of course, it goes hand-in-hand with my spiritual/physical health list.

Spiritual/Physical Health
  • Morning Yoga (at least four days a week.)
  • Meditation (My dearest Anam Cara [Celtic for "Soul Friend"] is practically pulling out her hair in anticipation of my joining her as soon as possible!)
  • Deep, inner thought on who I used to be, who I am and who I want to opposed to who I am becoming.
  • Regular deep breathing exercises to increase lung capacity and reduce stresses.
  • Deep thought, then actions taken to increase my love and care for the Earth and decrease my Footprint on her surface.
  • And Many More!

Witchy To-Dos
  • Deep self-instropection to develop who I am and become The Witch I Want To Be.
  • Write/follow regular rituals (Sabbats and Esbats).
  • Follow weather/agricultural pointers to better evaluate my surroundings and proceed on to every situation accordingly.
  • Read, read, read! (I have so many books from which I have only read snippets that I needed at the time. My goal is to read every last one of them all the way through before buying another...if I can.)
  • Live directly from the Earth. I work on a farm, for Goddess' sake! Time to start taking advantage of everything I can learn from the greenhouse/field manager and cultivate my own veggies and fruit in the meantime. Why not use my discount? That's what it's for. *~_^*
  • Also, much, much more!

Research will play a major role in my journey here. I'll post findings and their relevance to my lessons learned...or being learned. I look forward to anything anyone has to share, as well. Let's all learn and grow together!
I've always loved the witches in faerie tales. They've always been so misunderstood. I want to be the sweet, calm, giving lady that lives in the woods that all of the children are afraid of until that fateful day when one of them musters all the courage he can to simply knock on my door. As I approach the door to answer, he turns to run and trips, looking back in horror to discover my shadow falling long and chillingly upon him. He turns back to watch his gang mates running in terror from the Witch. They've left him and he's stuck.
He'll probably be eaten.
I help him up and tend his tiny knee wound. I tell him about my life and work. He laughs and shares what I already know; the children are all afraid of the Witch in the wood. Rightly so. I don't like children, anyway. I wink.
That's only one facet of The Witch I Want To Be.

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