Sunday, March 29, 2009

In the Now

My newest obsession is Steampunk. I even claimed and picked up an old typewriter that I had found listed on Craigslist! Though it's probably from the eighties, I'll still use it for parts. I also have in my possession a discarded watch and a small, toy train engine that, I can only assume, used to lead the remainder of an electric, Thomas the Tank Engine set. Those will be popped open and explored for parts, too. The aesthetic of the Steampunk, or Neo-Victorian genre has a sort of faerie tale curiosity for me. It's set in a time that is so far removed from mine, yet so familiar in technological advances. Though, for it's part, the technology is so much more captivating to see.
This has me thinking. Recently, a friend of mine (met through Anam Cara) was kind enough to read for me. Tarot has always been a comfortable medium through which I can accept validation from the Universe. If I listen to my intuition (which I now know how to do thanks to this friend, but I must practice), I will find my validation easily. Yet, as I have stated before, meditation is something I must work toward accomplishing for a proper outcome. I digress. We moved to the subject of moving forward. She had told me previously that I had chosen ten, very balanced cards for the reading and, among other things my subconscience and connection to the Universe was calm and even, and that by choosing The Sun and The Moon (the cards, as always, were upside-down for the selection process), my soul was admiting that I am a complete person. Whatever I search for, whatever I want, I can get. If I put it out there and truly want it, it's mine; all I need do is reach out and grasp. Obstacles should be regarded as mere lessons. There is always a way around, through, over or under. Always. I am a river flowing around the rocks and boulders. My path is clear and I must flow and move with the current regardless of the stones that lie before me. Again, I digress.
I must move ahead; forge that path, learn those lessons and become who I am; be who I am. I have learned from lessons in my past, but those times have gone and to live in the past is to ignore the present. What lessons can I learn now if I'm not here? This was the topic of our side discussion. Not that remembering good times or lessons are bad; far from it! However, if I am constantly thinking on what I used to have (emotionally, phyisically, materially, spiritually, etc.) how can I be who I have become? How can I learn anymore? I need to be present. I need to be now. I need to be. So, that brings me to my query: is interest in the Steampunk/Neo-Victorian genre detrimental to progress? I don't think so. It doesn't seem so, anyway. The clothing is aesthetically pleasing to me, and I must admit that I revel in my superficiality much of the time. Fashion repeats itself decade after decade, too. The technology is current but with an antique look. Am I making excuses to not move ahead, or am I right in my thinking? (Rhetorical, of course; merely musing online. Felt I had to share my revelation.)
As for moving ahead and getting what I want from the Universe, I have bought a lovely book titled Hedge Witch: Spells, Crafts & Rituals for Natural Magick by Silver Ravenwolf. Though I have only just begun reading and following the learning modules within, I feel I have already opened myself up to recieving what the ever abundant Great Spirit wants for all of us; whatever we want and the Spirit wants for us to have. (Incidentally, I have a friend whom I have known for about six or seven years, now who has constantly tried to convince me of the benefits of letting the Universe give me what I truly want. Well, T, I am ready to try!) I heartily recommend the book and will keep everyone updated on my progress and share my own truths in lessons learned. The Witches' Almanac for this year (Spring 2009 to Spring 2010) has provided me with enjoyable trivia this afternoon. This is the first time I've read all of the articles up to the first month before the first month has ended. Well, at all, for that matter. I usually would pick and choose which stories and histories I thought would be interesting and leave the rest for a time when they might be pertinent to whatever I might be practicing. I think that there are still articles left unread from Spring 1997 to Spring 1998 (the year I first became interested in Paganism and Witchcraft.)
So, forging ahead is the tone...for the month, at least.
Oh! By the way, Universe, thank you for the promotion to full time animal/laborer at the farm and for getting me out of retail and food service for good! It's exactly what I wanted.

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