Saturday, March 14, 2009

Undines and Sylphs

I can't say that I've ever actively enjoyed the ocean. Monumental wonder though it may be, the crashing of the waves upon the shore and cry of the sea birds never spoke to my heart. Sure, living on the Cape since I was 12, I've visited the beach a few times to see the moon light uninhibited, glowing on the sand, lighting the night like a sixty-watt bulb, shimmering on the undulating curves of the sea like so many silver serpents suspended in one fixed location, but slithering nonetheless. Friends back then, even now insist on outings to the beach. Being an air sign, my affinity for the grounded element lacking, but my wish to be accommodating I'd often join in and sit among my friends on the jetties or walk along the disappearing wave line. Thinking on it now, I realize that the wave line in and of itself are magickal, as is the entire body of water and all that dwell within. To appear in a rush of nature, then disappear in the blink of an eye is one of nature's great magic acts. Even the "invisible" line of the undertow seen from the distance on the surface of the water is like a simple, organic brush stroke by Gaia. The ocean is magick and artwork, courtesy of Mother Nature.
These epiphanies occurred to me Saturday as I sat in a metal folding chair sinking sideways into the sandy beach and waited for the director to call "Lock it up!" and "Action!" again and again. Though the wind was chilly, it's temperature was cut by it's dull force and the smiling sunlight. Wave upon wave upon wave came rushing to the scene, hoping to make a cameo appearance and help set the anguish and uneasiness of the scene. Water can evoke so many emotions (calm, loneliness, foreboding, etc.) with such accuracy with a mere change of speed, sound or color.
My preference of the air element and all that is related has shadowed all other elements, their qualities and lessons that I could have learned sooner rather than later. Later has come. I realized this a few years ago, but I am finally ready and able to embrace the knowledge and all that it can bring and teach me. I think that is why I was rewarded by my dear Sylphs, today. I am often reminded of friends, the simplicity and beauty of the smallest wonders of nature (i.e.: breathing, a soft breeze brushing my cheek, sweet, green scents of the Earth, etc.), how small I am and how immense the Universe by the spirits of the air. It is my element and the origin of the creatures with which I work in my magicks. We have had a connection since before I even acknowledged the truth in their existence or changeability of their demeanor. Dear sweet faeries that they are to and with me are not without their wrath and trickster traits. We play games; they hide my keys or other items I frantically search for when I am late for work or a meeting, I laugh and play along, they return my item almost immediately. Granted, I must go back and look where I had searched two or three times before, but they are good enough to give back what they had only borrowed in jest. At any rate, my connection to the Elementals with which I cooperate is strong and beneficial. Though I pay tribute far less than I should (and I realize this), they have yet to take anything for keeps, break anything of value (sentimental or otherwise) or tease me in any malice.
Of course, there was the other day when I was tromping around in the great, thick blanket of snow at the farm. I opened the gate to push the wheelbarrow with all my might through to the compost pile. As I opened the gate, the wind died down and I was able to get halfway out. At that point, a great Northern gust nudged the gate far enough closed that my clunky boot just caught at the toe and I toppled into the snow. What could I do but laugh and gaze skyward. Life's a game. It's all a game to them; life, work, play, all of it. So I laughed and went on with my day. Sometimes I take my day or myself too seriously and the air spirits remind me to lighten up (no pun intended)! Depending upon how my day is going, I usually take the lesson for what it is worth and go along with my day, enjoying the fact that my Sylphs are nearby, watching, playing, helping me every time I need a reminder. Today, for example, was a marvelously gorgeous (almost) Spring day! As I walked back to the barn to return the wheelbarrow (same barn, oddly enough), I heard a darling twinkling of birdsong; singular and perfect. I looked up and spied a pitch black bird the size of my palm (I have "medium" sized hands, I'd say.) It was alone, but twittered happily just the same. I knew not if it called to it's love or friends, or simply for happiness at the relief from the cold weather. A smile crept across my lips. Reveling in it's song, I continued on. Looking back to see if I could figure out what kind of bird serenaded me, I first looked directly above me. There, in the midst of the baby blue sky and random wisps of cotton-clouds glowed a tiny piece of rainbow. It looked lost. No clouds were near enough to have cast a rainbow there and further investigation of nearby sky proved that this was a missing piece to a jigsaw too far away to locate. I cherished my special rainbow. Still do. My gift of a bridge between me and the Spirit World. I smiled again and returned my wheelbarrow. Still smiling, I walked out of the barn but a moment later to return to work and gazed up once more. It was gone. Just like that. And my smile broadened. It was for me and me alone. The birdsong, the musky scent of turned earth and budding crocuses, the fragment of rainbow that, no doubt ran off to join up with its tail; it was all for me to enjoy, to remind me that the Sylphs are there and to acknowledge that I can work with and enjoy more than one element.
This week, Air has gifted me and Water has finally resonated and agreed to work with me when I am ready.
As for Earth, I am finding this Witch Garden Planning to be a bit of a daunting task. I won't go any further until I can enjoy it fully as I plan, prepare, plant, grow and cultivate my hard work. Goddess knows a garden meant for magickal work is no place for harried, unprepared exhaustion! What goes into it is what comes out, and I don't want to grow and take in negativity or disorganization. So, my garden slows yet again as I continue to research plants and formations. Likewise, I cannot fully plan a plot until Auntie is good and ready to work her main garden and fencing projects. This will give me a concrete idea of when and where I shall grow my relationship with the Gnomes (proper name of the Earth Elementals as given by Ted Andrews in his book Enchantment of the Faerie Realm.)
Salamanders (Fire Spirits) and I have a loose relationship. That is another project for another day.

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