Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glowing Buckets

Here I am, an half an hour away from my short commute to work, and I am sweating buckets!
But, you know, women don't sweat, we "glow."
I blame the random cup of instant coffee. It's too hot to boil the water, let alone drink the molten liquid! Yet, here I sit, glowing in a hot, caffeine-induced mess.
Okay, that sounds gross. Just, don't read that aloud.

I'm feeling a bit punchy, today. I have many things to accomplish at work, hope to do at least one video for my YouTube channel tonight (it has been so very, very long...), possibly watch the most recent episodes of True Blood and The IT Crowd (maybe so Doctor Who...?) and still go to bed by 9.
We'll see what happens.
As far as witchy-ness goes, well, no rituals lately, but I had an incredibly relaxing day at the beach last week, preceded and followed by a bike ride through the woods to get to and from the canal, respectively...obviously.
Plans to catch everyone up later are in the making. So, stay tuned. *~_^*

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