Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For Those of You Wondering

A few weeks ago, I finally told the guy I've been eying that he could call me if he wanted. He didn't, end of story. Really I'm not bummed at all. Quite on the contrary, actually! I've been so hopeful of finding a gentleman who enjoys dressing in Regency and/or Victorian clothing and acting with grace and decorum, but Craigslist doesn't really cater to my sort of dream fella. Realizing this, I had sort of resigned to the fact that, being the superficial kind of girl I am, the sort of historically enthusiastic man I'm looking for may not exist after all. You can imagine how saddened I was when this revelation turned in my head. My heart concurred and sunk.
"But why," argued my soul, "why couldn't he exist? You've only been searching Craigslist. Not a great deal of research there." I was being chastised by my own spirit! Happily, I agreed and lightened up knowing my hope and spirit had not been broken and conquered all along! Randomly, I clicked an ad (I think that's what happened...) for the site called OKCupid. It's free, so why not? I registered and created a minimal profile. After a little searching, I saw a few guys, but only one or two had grabbed my attention; one lives in the Midwest. Resigning, again to the thought that maybe this wasn't such a great idea, I turned off my computer and went to bed. The next day, what should I find but that very gentleman from the Midwest had sent me a message. He must have seen that I had visited his profile. Anyway, he was interested enough in me by what he'd read on my profile that he emailed me. Without giving any further details, let me tell you, dear, loyal readers: it is such a joy getting to know this man! I must admit that I am a bit twitterpated. *^_^* It has only been a few days that we've been communicating, but each time we do, what fun! What great happiness I feel and wide grins I display!
I thought, darling friends, you should know this.


  1. you moving back to michigan? (JK) ;)

  2. I met my current boyfriend on OKCupid! I dated a few duds from there, too. But enjoy the fun of meeting people!

  3. Wizardess! Really?! It's sweet, I think. We'll see. Thanks!! *^_^*

  4. Yep, for reals, and we've been together for over 2 years now.

  5. Oh-ho! That makes it all the more bright and lovely, in my opinion.
    And makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. *^_^*


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