Monday, June 28, 2010

A Bit of This and That

I hope everyone enjoyed the Solstice! I worked in the morning, then went over to my sister and her boyfriend's apartment to hang out with them and our dear friend visiting from Michigan. No grand, outer ritual; but constant, inner meditation all day long. Hearing melodic birdsong, feeling soft breezes and having a good time with fun people all brought me into the now, allowing me to worship the Sacred Everyday. Being in the Solstice was so much more enjoyable to me than it would have been to go home after work, throw together a slipshod ritual and performed it with the constant distraction that I would be going to play with friends afterward. It just made more sense.
It's another gorgeous day, and even though I intend to work on the dress I'm sewing (maybe begin the next, too), I'm happily looking forward to seeing what it will bring! My antique trunk needs work, too. If it doesn't rain, I'll take that out onto the deck and commence to sanding! That piece will be my costume trunk/coffee table (so I can get rid of the IKEA coffee table that just doesn't go with my furniture.) In storing my costume bits and bobs in the trunk, I'll be emptying out about four of those eye-sore, plastic tote bins that are just stacked in various spaces in my tiny home. When they are gone, I will have more room and better energy flow. I greatly look forward to that day! I'm also looking forward to having the empty bins for seasonal storage. Blankets will be stored away. Certain sweaters and warm clothes will disappear in the warm months; Summer clothes be gone in the Winter! Spring cleaning will have a deeper meaning to me when I'm washing and putting away Winter clothes and bringing out the light and airy items.
You may be wondering, "What sort of dresses are you sewing, Renee?" Well, friends, here is the pattern sleeve: Simplicity 4005. Both dresses are beautiful, but I'm sewing the simpler day dress. I'll have a few for play; wearing them when I get home from work and on my days off. Doing this will also help me realize just how many pieces of everyday clothing I don't wear. Those will be sold/donated. The theme for my life this year is "Purify." Even though I plan on working on some renovation, bit by bit, having more space will allow me to properly organize what I have left and appreciate all that I have. This, I believe will free me from the need to constantly shop. I feel I've nipped shopping in the bud a great deal. Why consume more when I've got more than I need in my life right now? I find that many of the items I've bought in the past, items I thought that I "must have," have been shelved and promptly began collecting dust.
I digress, de-cluttering my life and enjoying all that I have available to me and all that I can do for myself is working out well so far this year. Hopping back onto the horse, sugar-wise, I plan on listening closer to my body. She'll tell me what she does or doesn't need. I'm happy to do for her, since she's supported me this long; why not shoot for another 80 years?


  1. cute very Jane Austen!
    it's good to de-clutter and purge what you don't need. i keep trying, but my way of organizing seems to just mean making a pile and moving it when it gets in the way of the next pile!! :) someday i will find the energy onthe same day that i find the time...maybe you will inspire me to stop lolligagging!!

  2. Yes, I'm excited to see my first coming together nicely. Though the first sleeve attachment didn't go quite as planned, I hope to have it done for the fourth. This town puts on a real whiz-bag performance, it sounds! I'm getting into reading Sense and Sensibility now, too. Soon, I'll be enjoy my Austen in period appropriate attire! *^_^* How exiciting to inspire *you*! The thought gives me goosebumps! I hope to post Craigslist bound things on the fifth when things have calmed a bit from the holiday. Let's kick each others' bums into gear and de-clutter our lives!!! Woo!!! *^_^*


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