Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here and There

My dentist called me about a week after our meeting. He won't be able to use me for his exam because my decay is very minimal and only borderline. Small is what he wanted, but he was told mine was too little. That fine by me. As the days moved along, I realized, 'Maybe I don't want to do it after all.' It wouldn't have been immensely awkward if I were able to bring a friend along. However, it doesn't really matter now because I'm not going. *^_^*

I was "sugar free" for about a month when I decided that I really wanted some comfort food. So, even though the package read "sugar" under the ingredients section, I went ahead and bought some Hot Pockets. And they were delicious! Then, "sugar free" again for another two weeks. I wanted a chocolate chip cookie from work, dammit! After much back and forth on my part, I bought one. I savored it slowly and enjoyed every minute, sexy bite! The great thing, is that I didn't feel guilty about it. I enjoyed all of the things I ate knowing that sometimes I may not want to be strong. Sometimes I'll want to give in. And that's okay as long as I don't go nuts. I know now that it is a great deal easier to control myself even when I do have cravings, though. And, really, that's a big part of it. I'm proud of myself for the journey I've taken thus far and continue to trust myself to make the right choice for my health and well being. Big, added plus: people have been telling me lately that I look thinner. That's a nice side effect. I'm not in it to lose inches. It's a perk, but not a priority. *^_^*

I'm freeing all the negativity in my life that does not belong. I will leave this section at that.

A mis amigos hablante-espanol : Gracias! Tengo a repasoy en mi espanol, entonces por favor, tenas (?) paciencia con mi! No esta muy facil por mi ninguno mas.


  1. good job with the sugar! if you can have a cookie and not go crazy over it and go back to 'no sugar' as soon as you get that 'fix' then you are doing awesome!
    as for the negativity...try to go with the flow and consider some of society's 'rules' are not for everyone. ;)

  2. hey! :D

    ya te estaba seguiendo... me encanta tu blog.

    and your spanish is pretty good ;)


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