Monday, May 24, 2010

You All Know What They Say About Absence

Here I am on the first day of week three of my sugar-free/bad carbohydrate-free lifestyle. In stead of getting easier, it seems like it's getting harder. *U_U* How does that work? Isn't all of this supposed to get a little easier as I go along? I mean, sure, it's an addiction and I'll always have a difficult time walking past the pastries in the bakery window, but come on!
At any rate, I'm sticking to it and don't really feel any different. The only thing I can honestly say has stopped is my obsession and constant thoughts of food. Now, when I'm working or wasting time online or even just reading my mind stays focused. Maybe this is because I'm finally getting all of the vital nutrients I should have been getting these twelve years past as a vegetarian? I'm certainly eating more fruits and veggies and whole grains than I ever did before. But now, all of the lovely things my body needs to function properly aren't getting all muddled up and overshadowed with refined sugars (any sugars but natural fructose, really) and empty calorie carbs. I love my body. It supports me in everything I do. It deserves to be treated better now that I have an idea of what I'm doing to myself and, finally, the willpower to change! I want to be able to trust myself, and I want my body to be able to trust me to make the right decisions to keep it healthy and strong for many, many, many years to come. If I'm going to live with a health problem, I will only allow hypothyroidism. I have no control over that, but I can live my life to the fullest while adhering to its rules. Obesity, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure; these are all issues I have complete control over in my body. I am not obese and never will be because I can control it. I have never had diabetes and, as long as I am careful of what I put into my mouth as well as how active I am, I needn't worry about that. Heart problems follow bad lifestyle choices. So far, so good! *^_^* Being a (mostly) centered and calm person, going with the flow and smiling/laughing a lot, blood pressure has never been an issue, either. In fact, every time I go to the doctor, the tell me how perfect my vital signs are! (Not bragging, just sayin'.)
All in all, my life is what I make of it. My health is good. My soul is good. My life is good.
I was tooling around in Hulu the other day when, by odd chance, I came across a show called The Dresden Files. Having only read the first book, but looking forward to reading the entire series, I was intrigued! I had no idea that SciFi had turned the books into a program. Granted, it only lasted a twelve episode season, but thus far I have enjoyed it! The eighth episode, by the way is actually the first book. So everything's a bit out of order. For anyone who enjoyed Buffy: The Vampire Slayer or even Big Wolf on Campus, I highly recommend the show. For those of you who are fans of the books, you might be in for a few let downs. However, if you disassociate it from the novels, it really is very entertaining. I was looking forward to seeing their rendering of the pixie in the woods and the final fight scene in Storm Front, but, since it wasn't in full length feature form, I had to let those items go. But, I digress, I really have fun watching the show and still look forward to reading the rest of the series.
Work is hectic, as usual in these warmer months. I still adore it, though!
The old hole in the gums is healing nicely. I turned down the pain meds when they offered, so have been taking two ibuprofen whenever the dull throb gets to be too much. Other than that, the wound is closing and all is well. As for the extra dental trip to Boston next month, I'll find out tomorrow exactly if and when I'll be going. Nothing major, though; if my x-rays are accepted, I'll be getting a minor filling in a matter of two hours. Since it's an exam it won't be quick. But that's okay. No big. Besides, I say again, free night in Boston. The hotel room (from what the online site says) would be the same price for two people as it would for one. I'm thinking that I might mention bringing a friend so I won't be in Boston alone. I'm not afraid, but it's just not as much fun by myself!

I suppose that's enough for now. Type at ya later! *~_^*

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