Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day Four

Wow! Resisting was really hard, today. Well, in the morning and during the day it isn't really difficult. But once I get home, the cravings are pretty wicked. I can only hope that after I've got a couple of weeks under my belt that this will get a bit easier. I could really go for some pizza and ice cream and brownies right now.
But! I've been good! Even at work, instead of a cup of coffee with sugar and cream, I've been having herbal teas straight! The Tazo Cinnamon Spice (I think is the name of it) has a pleasant, naturally sweet after taste that becomes an "all over the palette" sweetness the further into the cup you get. Thank you, licorice root! Who knew your amazing ability?!
On Monday I'm having a dead tooth pulled. I don't anticipate needing the strong pain killers or having to take time off of work. However, I won't be doing any heavy lifting there or eating solid foods for a week. I'm looking at it as the opportunity it is! If I can't drink it, I can't eat it. I've got a few lovely smoothies planned, a barley soup (really just barley and spices in veg broth) and various mashed fruits in mind. Maybe it'll make this whole thing a bit easier...?
I certainly hope so!


  1. after two weeks (if you are like me) you should be pretty much over the sugar thing. I mean, you've made it 4 days already. My problem after two weeks was, since i wasn't trying to cut out sugar...just eat more veggies, that once I had a glass of wine that was it...I was reminded of how much i liked it. I think you'll be fine after a couple weeks and if you keep it up, you wont have any problem at all!
    don't forget: if there's anything you want me to check on at trader joes' let me know! we have good stuff.

  2. Thanks, Jen! Words of sisterly encouragement are always appreciated; especially since you went through what I'm going through! *^_^*
    Curtis~Qua? I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the heads up!


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